Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wi Carty

A fine idea - one that we looked into three years ago and decided better left to the private sector for investment, rather than taxpayers. Our Intel rating is creditable to Buckeye Access for their public investment in 40 nodes and a network throughout the city. Looking forward to reviewing the RFP and working with the Administration, but have a few intial questions..

Are Toledo Public Schools 100% broadband yet? If not, shouldn't that be first?

Will Wal-Mart bid to be the official Toledo wireless provider?

Does he know what Earthlink is going through?

And did Earthlink get a head start on the February 20 RFP deadline?


Blogger Neighborhood Concerns said...

There are many successful muni wifi's listed here;

8:35 AM  
Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

My concern is that the City is requiring so much for itself for free, that it will diminish the number of potential bidders for this project.

It will take a lot of subscribers to overcome the free city services and reach the break even point. . .

IMO, this is a very lopsided and top-heavy deal for any potential provider.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust me, Buckeye Cable's going to get it.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Hooda Thunkit said...

"Trust me, Buckeye Cable's going to get it."

Unless the "deal" is rewritten with reality in mind, they're the only one capable of providing the "required" service levels.

Unless someone fool heartedly accepts a mesh network, which would be rife with latency issues. . .

Now, THAT would suck mightily…

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Let’s spend six months to a year really understanding what’s already in place,’’ Mr. Szollosi said. “Let’s give universities and schools a place at the table. And let’s give people who don’t have broadband access ... and the Chamber, and the folks at Buckeye [CableSystems] — let’s have all these folks at the table. That kind of public-private partnership model always pays dividends in so many ways.”

If you have ever wondered why Toledo lags behind the national economy, look no further. Get ahead of the curve, there is always gonna be a better deal.

10:28 AM  

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