Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wi Carty

A fine idea - one that we looked into three years ago and decided better left to the private sector for investment, rather than taxpayers. Our Intel rating is creditable to Buckeye Access for their public investment in 40 nodes and a network throughout the city. Looking forward to reviewing the RFP and working with the Administration, but have a few intial questions..

Are Toledo Public Schools 100% broadband yet? If not, shouldn't that be first?

Will Wal-Mart bid to be the official Toledo wireless provider?

Does he know what Earthlink is going through?

And did Earthlink get a head start on the February 20 RFP deadline?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Congratulations Ted

In his first act as Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland signed an Executive Order on ethics substantially tougher than the rules governing the City of Toledo.

Here is the pdf.

It's telling, isn't it, that the loudest objectors to tough rules for Toledo are from the politicians who've been around the longest.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What Happened?

I love public service. Though its more rewarding to pass legislation championed by my colleague Mike Craig directing a modest sum to CareNet, I do enjoy the odd moments when someone thinks they're being cute. Take tonight for example. Mark Sobczak floats Wilma Brown's name as President of Council to replace Republican Rob Ludeman (who Sobczak voted for last year, after voting for Bob McCloskey three times first.)

Funny thing is, neither Wilma nor Mark will agree to support the Democratic Caucus on Council. Sobczak, Mayor Finkbeiner and local party chair John Irish engineered the Ludeman Presidency to begin with last year - so keeping him there is among the reasons Mark won't caucus. See, we've been asking them to caucus with the 6 remaining council Democrats, to discuss what we want in a new President, and to open it up to a simple vote of our majority caucus. Whoever gets a majority of Dems, we all agree to support. It's fair, honorable, breaks through personality conflicts and goes along way to eliminate outside influence in our decision. And, by the way, its how its done in Congress and other legislative bodies across the country.

If you wish to see a Democrat as council President, don't game it with the Republicans (again) leaving fellow Demcorats out in the cold and painting a poor, disorganized image of City Council. Contact Mark & Wilma and ask them to support a straight up and down vote of the council Democratic caucus - tell them to stop dividing us and agree to unite. Let's count to seven first, then open nominations as soon as possible.