Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Now It Gets Interesting

I regret not writing here more consistently the past few months. Offline, life has required of me more time, attention, and responsibility. I'm a new dad, the proud father of a beautiful little girl to complement my son. I've been organizing for the state Democratic ticket in several counties. Of course, we've been busy down at City Hall and in some neighborhoods trying to clean things up, asking tough questions, and cooperating when possible, objecting when necessary.

As the title of this post says, now it gets interesting. Our community is set to express, loudly and unmistakably, its yearning for change on Election Day. We need change in our approach to Iraq and the world, and how we work together to accelerate job creation and take steps towards tax fairness and greatly improving access to quality health care and public education.

If you haven't yet, go over to the 3rd floor, One Government Center, and vote today. I voted October 3rd, the first day new state laws allowed anyone to vote. I've been encouraging family, friends, and anyone I meet at a restaurant or store to start a new tradition: go vote early and get 10 more to do the same. Reports from BoE's across Ohio indicate many have had the same idea, early voting numbers look to shatter records this year.

Washington is destined for very interesting times if we can pick up one or more chambers of Congress. Ohio, of course, will get alot more interesting, particularly if we can accomplish a clean sweep in two weeks. Locally, both the Board of Commissioners and Toledo City Council look to be shaken up by new faces and new ideas. That's a good thing.

Finally, what compelled me to take time and re-enter the blogosphere this morning were my reflections on the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising - and the demonstrations for change on the streets of Hungary today. It is those laborers, writers, students, and peasants 50 years ago who, loudly and unmistakably, expressed their yearning for change and took action against overwhelming force that inspire Hungarians today, including those of us engaged in a progressive movement here.