Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lost in the Flood

Just returned from late briefings at the 911 Building. All non-emergency reports should be directed to 936-2020. Of course, for emergencies call 911.

Top priorities: saving lives. from the flood waters, from downed power lines, and potential natural gas leaks from doused pilot lights. If you smell gas, don't do ANYTHING but leave the house immediately - no touching light switches, no phone calls, no opening windows. Call the gas company from your cell outside or next door.

Check on neighbors, especially seniors, kids, or those with special needs. Obviously real important for a sense of community to kick in here.

Toledo Police, at least on Thursday, are shifting to what's called a Phase 2 response. If you get into a fender bender and noone is hurt, please share insurance & contact info as police will only be responding to life threatening situations. You can file a report at any substation after the fact.

Secondary issues:

abandoned vehicles. The city and contract tow companies will clear the streets of abandoned vehicles and simply move them into the closest empty parking lot or off to the side of the road. Contact me if you can't find your vehicle, I'll call records division.

garbage collection. The city is encouraging people to put refuse out on the day of regular pick-up, though will try to accomodate special situations. Use the 936-2020 number or contact me directly if I can be of service.

health concerns from sewer water. Worst case scenario, intestinal infection from exposure to untreated sewage. Stay out of the water, and keep kids and pets out of the water too. Health Department already working with Mosquito Control, as well.

structural damages. both to city infrastructure, i.e caved-in streets, big pot holes, fallen tree limbs. AND to residential basements and foundations. Check for cracks or shifting of foundation & report it ASAP.

Traveling from Glendale to Downtown took some doing after 9:30pm. All the underpasses were flooded and blocked with cars. Douglas north of Kenwood was especially bad, as was Douglas at Sylvania down to Deveaux School. Our Deputy Clerk of Council was marooned in a driveway for more than an hour there.

Roughly 18,000 people without power.

Lucas County Emergency Management Agency is documenting damage for application for state and federal help. Keep track and forward all costs associated with storm, and forward images of damage - take pictures BEFORE cleaning things up. In 2000, the county was successful in obtaining $15,000,000 in grants and loans for the water and flood damage that year.

Very interested in hearing stories, ideas, complaints or suggestions on the blog here.

Kudos to the men and women who went out and worked in the elements tonight, from public safety to street crews and everyone who stopped (and dodged some serious lightening) to help someone in need.


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