Monday, May 22, 2006

Among Many Inspirations These Days

The new Seeger Sessions album from Springsteen is pitch perfect for these times. Anti-war without being preachy. A sonic delight. He digs down to songs in some cases hundreds of years old.

Visit the Official Springsteen Site for a sample and news about the tour. (too expensive!)

Also, I think I mentioned before the refreshment of satellite radio. Well, there's no more impressive disc jockey alive today than the one and only Bob Dylan. And the baseball programming...nothing beats it - I can take every MLB game everywhere I go, all the time.

Much has happened since my April post. Some great news for our family. Dramatic changes down at City Hall. Looking forward to a great summer - with many surprises to come...


Blogger -Sepp said...

I'll take some old school Springsteen any day of the week. I agree Frank, ticket prices are nuts. Do all these guys think they're the second comming of the Beatles? McCartney tickets fetching 500 bucks in some cases? Good way to price out the fans. Although, the way around that is to know a local DJ who gives tickets away. The woman who used to cut my hair knew a local radio DJ who gave her...err she "won" a pair of McCartney tickets at Gund arena for cutting his hair and being the 9th caller.

7:46 AM  
Blogger RJ said...

I love the great musicians as much as anyone, and I've seen many of them in concert years ago when you could still see a show for under $40. Springsteen, Old Van Halen, Robert Plant, Old Kiss, Triumph, Rush, etc. All great shows and affordable.

Today it seems that many of these legends have removed or insulated themselves from the reality of their fans' world. Now they're demanding $500 per seat and spewing left wing propaganda to their aging audience who are only able to afford the prices because of the successful conservative economic policies.

Rock on!

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Earl said...

Did you know that The Boss once played the Toledo Sports Arena? It was right after "The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle" was released.

I've alwasy loved his "folkie" projects like "Nebraska" and (I LOVE) "Ghost of Tom Joad."

6:00 AM  

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