Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Here is the breaking news link. Image: February 7, 1897 by Frank Beard. OSU History Dept. website.

It's been almost exactly a year since all this broke, check the May 2005 archives.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006: An Appreciation

My wife's father is a Marine. Served a few tours in Vietnam, and recently retired from the Justice Department as an accomplished litigator in the natural resources division, Indian Affairs Bureau. Over the years Hank and I have exchanged books as we share enthusiam for history, baseball, and the outdoors.

He has lent me his copy of One Bullet Away by former Marine Captain Nathaniel Fick - a story of an idealistic young man who makes a decision to apply to be a Marine Corps officer in the late 90's, and follows his tour of duty into the post-9/11 world war. I'm only about half-way through, but its serving as tonic for me this Memorial Day weekend.

We can certainly express dissent about Bush's foreign policy - I do, in spades. But it simply cannot be overstated how admirably so many of our young people exhibit love of country. Fick recalls the fourteen leadership traits of the U.S. Marine Corps: bearing, courage, decisiveness, dependability, endurance, enthusiasm, initiative, integrity, judgment, justice, knowledge, loyalty, tact, and unselfishness.

Words cannot express our appreciation on this Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Change for Ohio

This image was taken at a rally in Toledo on May 20. My brother Matt is next to me. He's campaigning this year for the 49th District State House seat. His website offers some great streaming video.

We're getting things rolling for him in Toledo, as he's in his seventh year serving as a City Councilman in Oregon, where he's done a hell of a good job.

We're proud to be working together, and working hard to change Ohio for the better. Here is an inspiring vision statement from Ohio's next Governor, Ted Strickland, who lit up the crowd at the Martin Luther King, Jr. terminal in Downtown Toledo Saturday.

These elections, like most, will be decided by those who work hard, smart, and genuinely offer people hope and vision for our future. I'm very optimistic.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Among Many Inspirations These Days

The new Seeger Sessions album from Springsteen is pitch perfect for these times. Anti-war without being preachy. A sonic delight. He digs down to songs in some cases hundreds of years old.

Visit the Official Springsteen Site for a sample and news about the tour. (too expensive!)

Also, I think I mentioned before the refreshment of satellite radio. Well, there's no more impressive disc jockey alive today than the one and only Bob Dylan. And the baseball programming...nothing beats it - I can take every MLB game everywhere I go, all the time.

Much has happened since my April post. Some great news for our family. Dramatic changes down at City Hall. Looking forward to a great summer - with many surprises to come...