Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vigilance, Indeed

Sensational indictments in Toledo and Cleveland today. Congrats to local, state, and federal law enforcement for protecting our troops and the rest of us. I join many in calling for understanding for all Americans across religious and ethnic bounds - it is all too easy to take our frustration and fear out on innocent people. Heard some scatter about whether elements of the so-called patriot act were sounded like good old fashioned shoe leather and some key tips from truly patriotic Toledoans. Looking forward to learning more, and lobbying for additional federal homeland security resources for our region and another police class.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Republicans Control Toledo City Hall

We have Republicans in top positions within the new Administration, including the director of human resources, a GOP Council President, a Republican chairing the city's finance and budget committee, the information services committee, the parks committee, the zoning and planning committee, and now, two weeks after appointing Councilman Bob McCloskey (now indicted) to "lead" the economic development committee thanks to his complicity in all this, a Republican now controls Toledo's economic development committee. Did I mention our Mayor is a former Republican who just took a boat load of campaign cash from Republicans at his country club inauguration and is much more comfortable with Republicans controlling City Council?

First, shame on so-called Democrats Bob McCloskey and Mark Sobczak for continuously voting Republican, enabling all this to occur. Bob is desperate and Mark, well, what can you expect from a guy who walked in our Labor Day Parade with Gov. Bob Taft as his guest and gets up real early every election day to put up Republican signs at the polls.

With the exception of Councilman Michael Ashford, my fellow Democrats appear resigned to GOP dominance and Sobczak's party-switching - despite our numerical advantage on council 8 to 4. Of course, the only lobbying coming from Lucas County Democratic Party officials is to support this Republican ascendancy.

Pay-to-play is forced to retreat in Columbus and is retrenching in Toledo - we all must demand vigilance protecting the public.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Westgate Deal

Late this afternoon comes word that Mayor Finkbeiner, Keith Wilkowski, and "Westgate Neighbors" will urge the Plan Commission to APPROVE Liz Holland's development plans at Westgate. At long last, we might be able to move forward again. How much damage has been done to our ability to attract economic development in the mean time?