Saturday, January 21, 2006

Economic Development & Immigration

Disappointed in Council President Ludeman's decision to recommend McCloskey for the ED chairmanship I've held the past few months. Bad choice. I was looking forward to using to the post to more positively engage the new Administration on our community's top priority. Council must vote on McCloskey as ED Chair on 1/31.

Sobczak, a Teamsters official, would replace Grachek and control the committee (Environment & Public Service) that includes refuse collection city employees who are represented by the Teamsters. No wonder Teamsters boss Lichtenwald works so hard on Democrats and Republicans - he's just looking out for his members. Ludeman's political paybacks and McCloskey's legal trouble unfortunately continue to weaken City Council.

Major Hackett & immigration. He should support a sensible amnesty program for immigrants already here, and who are working and don't have criminal records. Of course, homeland security requires vigilance at our borders, though our present border policy is immoral, resulting in many, many deaths and illict human trafficking. Its not so simple (nor American) to say "Deport them all."

"We are a nation of immigrants" - sounds simple too. But its a complicated question involving everything from international trade and national defense to individual relationships between a man and woman, parents and children.


Blogger Lisa Renee said...

Frank, I think you got nailed being asked that question because you and I were both there that night and know why that whole immigration topic got out of hand. While it was Paul's fault for not taking control of it, I think that was blown out of proportion, not by you but by those either not present or mis-representing what happened.

I am afraid that I might have to admit I was wrong, I didn't believe that trying to remove Rob as Council President was the right thing to do but after this? Appointing Bob McCloskey full well knowing there are still several legal issues still not resolved? There is no logical way I can resolve that in my mind. If Rob for some reason did not want you to have that chair again? Not Bob....

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Blogger RJ said...

At first I was scratching my head on the McClosky appointment too, but it's important to remember that he's innocent until proven guilty. If he is innocent of the charges, then given the available choices it makes a lot of sense to put him in that chair. If he's found guilt, I expect more than a few people will be eager to escort him to the door, as they should.

Seems like Sobszak's appointment is a reasonable one given his strengths. No surprise that a Teamsters boss is looking out for his memebers. Besides, Ds and Rs fight hard for their members too(usually).

President Ludeman's chairmanship appointments are no more a political payback than any other appointments were in the past, including your appointment to ED. I'd say that for the most part the other chair appointments were a decent fit. I'm sincerely confident that you will continue to do your best for the city despite this disappointment.

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Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I respectfully disagree RJ, if Bob McCloskey had a proven record of supporting some of the very projects such as the Marina District or some economic background that exceeded Frank that would be one thing. Even if you ignore the ethics issues.

However that is not the case. If a Council President selects another person who is better qualified or even has the same experience/qualifications and decides to "reward" someone. That would at least be understandable.

Given the current lawsuit this is really not a wise idea in my opinion to appoint someone who while of course innocent is currently involved in ligitation as well as not having been cleared from the Lucas County Prosecuter's Office. The potential image damage to Toledo should have been considered.

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Blogger historymike said...

Yes - the goofy "Frank supports illegal immigration" nonsense at ToledoTalk and, to a lesser extent, on talk radio is idiotic.

Immigrants are being recast for the 2008 election as the bogeymen, much like gays were in 2004.

Frank made a good point - why should someone working here, not causing trouble, but who did not enter legally be considered a felon?

Also - until things improve south of the border, people will still flock to the US. The quality of life differential between the US and Mexico is the driving force, and there will continue to be people seeking to improve their lives by coming here until that changes.

8:19 PM  
Blogger RJ said...

It is impossible to redefine the status of people who do not enter our country legally from "illegal immigrant" to "legal immigrant" without changing the laws. You can't just ignore the law of the land because you empathize with their plight.

If my ancestors, and very likely your ancestors, were able to follow the immigration laws and become legal citizens, why can't today's immigrants do the same? Starting a new life is never easy, but it's must certainly be better if you don't begin your journey by violating our laws from day one.

I'm pretty sure everyone coming over the border knows that there are immigration laws, so most of them are knowingly in violation. Why don't the political/labor organizations who lobby for these immigrants encourage them to adhere to the law until the groups are successful in getting the immigration laws changed?

This is not an area of expertise for me. I am simply asking real questions of you that many citizens probably are asking themselves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with RJ. My ancestors came from other countries where living conditions were terrible. They came to this countey looking for a new start. The first thing they did was follow the laws of their new country.

Why is that so hard. Why do we have to change our laws to make it easy for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship and access to our schools and free health care and other things that our tax dollars pay for. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of working class poor Americans who could benefit from those same give aways who cannot get them. Let's make easy for Americans to get those benefits.

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