Sunday, December 11, 2005

Brunner's Urgent Action Alert

Got this from Brendan Cull with Jennifer Brunner for Ohio Secretary of State last week.


Late in the evening on December 7, 2005, the Ohio Senate Rules Committee approved House Bill 3, which will require every Ohioan to show a form of identification before being entitled to vote a regular election ballot.

Voters without the specifically defined identification called for in the bill will have to vote a provisional ballot that is not certain to be counted. Many college students will be forced to vote provisionally, because their ID’s will not have their college address on it. Many elderly people who no longer have driver’s licenses and people in poverty who do not drive will be affected.

The bill is scheduled for a full Senate vote early next week, and the House is expected to concur with Senate amendments soon afterward. Governor Taft, a former Ohio Secretary of State, will get the bill for signature.

Please sign this petition and tell Governor Taft to VETO this bill.

If this bill becomes law, you can expect:

Longer lines at the polls on election day
Thousands of voters who will not be able to vote or their votes won’t be counted
Additional risks to the security of your most personal information
Voters who do not present acceptable identifications (as determined by election workers) will have to turn over the last four digits of their Social Security Numbers or sign an affirmation. Then they will only be able to vote a provisional ballot that may or may not be counted. THE BILL DOES NOT DEFINE OR SPECIFY WHAT IS A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. Just last year, Ken Blackwell successfully fought to prevent provisional ballots from being counted. It could happen again, and the next time, the problems could be much worse.

Click here to sign the petition and prevent this Voter Discrimination Bill from becoming law.

Jennifer Brunner is fighting against this legislation in her campaign for Ohio Secretary of State. Ohio needs a Secretary of State who will honor and protect every person’s right to vote without regard to age, race or economic means with a system that allows voters to trust the process.

CLICK to find out how to contact your State Representative and State Senator.

CLICK to read Jennifer Brunner’s testimony on House Bill 3.

CLICK to support Jennifer Brunner’s campaign for Ohio Secretary of State.


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