Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Pardon the long delay between posts - most of my time the past couple weeks has been spent with family, catching up on work around the house, and absorbing the lessons of actions, words, and election results. The transition from an election to organizing for the new year is a delicate operation - looking forward to a reorganized City Council and working with the new Adminstration to get things done - despite our significant political differences the past year. Everyone takes in what has occurred, who did what, what comes next, and how do we work together to move things forward. We continue to make strides with our part in the Jeep expansion - tonight at council moving forward with $8.6 million in notes for a bridge and vehicle storage facility on a brownsfield site. Kudos to the workforce out there for earning a new vehicle to assemble, the Dodge Nitro. 150 new autoworkers jobs and greater security for those already working in Toledo. We will be conducting a public hearing Monday on the multi-million dollar Westgate reinvestment - 2pm, Council chambers. Glad to be supporting the private owners in creating jobs and attracting capital. Finally, its clear we need to follow-up on my memo to the Mayor-elect on starting the new year with a package of ethics reforms, including lobbyist registration, asking new hires to complete an ethics seminar - one of which has already been scheduled for mid-March, and drafting and adopting an ethics policy for members of Toledo City Council. We have an obligation to renew confidence and faith with the coming of the new year.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman's decision is indeed in the best interest of his family, his city and his party. He deserves our gratitude and respect for the substantive case he made for change here in Ohio. Earlier this afternoon I met with Frances Strickland and discussed the steps that could be taken to unite Ohioans behind her husband's case for change here in our state. With the likelihood of a State Senator Eric Fingerhut candidacy, with former state rep Bryan Flannery already in the race, and very recent chatter on the possible entry of Jerry Springer - its clear voters in Ohio will go to the polls in May to make important decisions after vigorous debate. That's healthy.

And then there's the inside baseball on Ohio Democratic Chairperson. Several candidates: Athen's County Chairwoman, and leader of the Ohio Democratic County Chair's Association, Susan Gwinn. Montgomery County Chairman, Dennis Lieberman. Former ODP Executive Director Bill DeMora, currently with Ohio's League of Conservation Voters. Dennis Eckert, former U.S. Congressman and Cleveland Growth Partnership executive. Dave Giese, Erie County Chair. Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune. There is chatter about Lee Fisher entering the race. And we have Ohio House Democratic Leader Chris Redfern, who got into the race first upon word of Denny White's resignation. The ODP Executive Committee is scheduled to meet Monday, December 19th to select an interim chair through the May primary - when a new state central committee will be elected statewide and who'll then meet and vote again for chair. Traditionally, of course, the successful gubernatorial candidate gets to pick the state chair. The fact RON soundly lost and Republicans gained locally is a signal that, despite superb political turmoil, the Ohio GOP should not be taken lightly - regardless of single-digit approval ratings for their Governor.


Blogger Frank said...

grandpaboy has left a new comment on your post "Transition":

Since the ODP list you as one of their 138 voters, could you please let us know if you're for an open forum to select the new Chair?

I think this is vitally important to the future of our party. Given your position on the voters list and as a blogger, you have a unique position to encourage grassroots involvement.

Thanks a lot.

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Blogger Frank said...

Yes. Would be glad to support regional, or online, town hall meetings on state chair. Is there a group, other than ODP, looking to hold them?

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