Thursday, November 10, 2005


Already Thursday and no new post - will write more tonight. Thanks to voters in Toledo who participated in the election, I'm appreciative of their support for my re-election. I'm also grateful to the individuals and organizations that supported my candidacy - special thanks to my wife and son, parents and grandparents. My very best to Mayor Ford, his family, friends, and supporters - we fought the good fight. Congratulations to Mayor-elect Finkbeiner, Phil Copeland, Bob McCloskey, Mark Sobczak, George Sarantou, Betty Shultz and Joe Birmingham for their success with Toledo voters Tuesday. Also a tip of the hat to my brother, Matt Szollosi, for leading the ticket again in the City of Oregon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

frank do you think jack will run again? i hope so

4:20 PM  
Blogger Jason Sonenshein said...

Councilman Szollosi, congratulations on your re-election.

7:28 PM  
Blogger liberal_dem said...

all your horses lost and lost big time. hows that taste?

They did? Looks like 2 Carty candidates and 2 Ford candidates won. The #7 spot was also a Ford supporter. Don't be surprised if he [Vasquez] is sitting on council within the year as questions arise about Shultz and McCloskey.

7:35 PM  
Blogger runnindog said...

don't delete it coward. i said all your horses lost big time and i want to know how that tastes.

you're mayor lost huge and all your state issues lost even worse than that. and mcconnell and the rest of your clan all lost to. and you campained for all of them. so hows that taste frank?

10:02 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Congratulations Frank! Too bad people hide their identity as "runningdog" and call YOU a coward. What a joke. Hope the stem cell issues move forward so "runningdog" will get a spine sometime soon.

I am Dan Eble, no coward, and glad to say I am thrilled to see Frank still in office. He has the courage to speak out when needed.

There is no clan that Frank ran with... there was PAC support from people like my candidate, Bob Vasquez who did very well with only 6 months to prepare. Runningdog is just that. A dog running...

The issues? Better yet, how does a nearly indicted Noe pal like Schultz win big? Are the voters really paying attention, or is the GOP machine so well financed that the truth is hard to see? But, as Jefferson said, "ignorance is no excuse," of course TV was not around in the time of Jefferson... Money buys time which breeds doubt. Its psychological not logical.

Runningdog is the coward here. Come chat sometime if you have the spine or intelligence to discuss issues on a 3 dimensional plane using your real name. My name is Dan Eble, you already know who Frank is... why not use your name Bambi?


11:02 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...


Thanks for giving Frank the experence as to what it's like to have an "ass-kisser" stomache deep. It truly is entertaining watching you fight for Frank. It's endearing.

Might take his mind off what he's about to endure for making sure Jack had no dingleberries.

Face it Dan. Frank failed. He just squeeked in by just a few votes, his PAC failed, his RON failed and his Mayor failed. That makes Frank a "failure". As a matter of fact, Frank's loyalty to Jack ALMOST cost him his seat on Council.

I can tell you why. It's because Frank dosen't have the "knowledge" to stand up for himself. He's a follower, that's all. If Frank could get past the pandering, he's be a good politican.

I've respected Frank for having the cajones for putting this site up. I've found myself at odds with his censoring this site just because he didn't agree with what the poster wrote. THAT is what shows his true character.

Personally it's abhorrant, but I can get past this because I know how the "system" works.

Oh, and Dan, the name calling is a tad juvenile. Is that who you are? Try reading previous posts Frank has left, it CLEARLY states his "clan" he encourages Toledo to vote for.

So do everyone a favor, pull your head out of Frank's ass long enough to see what he's posted.

4:14 AM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...

Oh Dan? Just to show my point, an excerpt from

Frank "Barely Made It" Szollosi commanded the world by saying:

"If people are serious about unity, then it should be the seven Democrats who get together and make decisions."

So Frank "The Divider Not A Uniter" Szollosi despises Republicans even more than non-A-team Dems.

Why not make George Sarantou Council prez?
posted by jr at 01:32 P.M. EST on Thu Nov 10, 2005

and this one:

"... it should be the seven Democrats who get together and make decisions."

Frank's true colors are showing with that statement. He probably feels that way about every city issue.

Someone should inform Frank that Toledo City Council has 12 council members, not seven. He must be confused. It's Columbus that only has seven council members even though they are more than twice the size of Toledo.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that in the best interest of the city, all 12 council members should get together and make decisions. It is called Toledo City Council, not Szollosi City Council or Democrat City Council.

"... it should be the seven Democrats who get together and make decisions."

Mmmm, is Frank implying that he wants one-party rule?
posted by jr at 01:41 P.M. EST on Thu Nov 10, 2005

Explain THAT one, Dan the Excusemaker.

4:58 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Hey Brian,

What Frank edits from his Blog is his business. I suspect it often has offensive language like your utterly witty ass-kisser comment. “Dingleberry” is a charming reference that clues us in to the utter depth of your intelligence Brian. I hear terms like that every day but usually from teenagers or younger.

If I read you correctly you are knocking Frank for being loyal then for "pandering"? How can than be? It is so contradictory. Most readers here can see you plucking comments out of context to fit your complaints. I am sure we can also assume you are not the sharpest tool in the shed when you question why Frank would want say "If people are serious about unity, then it should be the seven Democrats who get together and make decisions." Of course that is what should happen when picking a council president. That is where the comment comes from, and it makes sense in context. Why have a Party if there is no unity? I've yet to see the majority Party on a State or Federal level choose a leader outside of their own party. It just does not happen. Hey, why not just play for the Yankees, win the series, and hand over the title to the Red Sox? That makes perfect sense right?

You think he could be a "good politician,” fine. I'd prefer him to be a good leader; we have enough good politicians around here, not enough good leaders. Heck, maybe you should run for elected office. Then, I'd believe that you "know the system."

To say Frank failed by getting elected is mind-boggling. The failure of election reform issues is even more so. A convicted Gov with very low ratings and a crooked administration, a multi-million dollar Republican fund raising scandal funded by our tax dollars swindled by our buddy Noe, and voters say NO to reform. That seems like a failure of good citizenship and voter education.


8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Brian. Frank would be a lot better if he dropped the pandering. One party rule? Of course. Socialism can't succeed in a multi-party environment where the people have a voice. As for the "Ford" candidates, we'll just see how long they keep their affiliation with Ford after Carty grabs the wheel. Ford will fade away like the stench of a popcorn fart.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

One of the surprises for me with this blog has been the juvenile hostility of the anonymous posters. There are other places to express your angst and hide your identity. Its sad you dislike yourself. My conscience tells me its wrong to be an enabler for those with psychological problems, so I'll probably revamp this site to require name and email registration. Everyone will still be welcome to add criticism and praise and ideas.

I'm happy to have won - never afraid of defeat. And I feel like a million bucks for sticking to my guns in a fight. We won some, lost some - the big one Tuesday. As I mentioned, this week has been beautiful in ways difficult to explain. I enjoy public service. Winning is better than losing, but losing is better, vastly, than remaining anonymous on an on-line chat board.

BTW, every legislative body in the world, I think, organizes itself along partisan lines - that was my point.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Thurber said...

On October 26th, I sent the following email to Mr. Szollosi. As of today, no response to the email and no correction. Frank - please either respond or make the required connection. Thanks!

Maggie Thurber
County Commissioner

From: Maggie Thurber
Subject: your blog
Date: Oct 26, 2005 8:59 PM

Please forgive this email to your city address, but I could not find an address
for you on your blog site.

I saw that your blog lists "allies" and that included in the list is "Lucas
County Commissioners."

I am requesting that you list, by name, the individual commissioners whom you consider
to be allies, as I believe your current reference is misleading and inaccurate.

Please advise when you've made this correction.

Thank you,

Maggie Thurber
County Commissioner

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am assuming he meant the commissioners who are not unindicted co-conspirators in the Tom Noe money laundering investigation.

I am Republican by the way. Have fun getting re-elected.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maggie I think you have a little more to worry about than Frank's blog. Try the citizens of Lucas County, I would even be worried about your reelction prospects, which are not good at this moment.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Thurber should resign her position. She is the one politician in Lucas County who has benefitted from the missteps of her Democratic opponents in the past. If she held herself to the same standards that she has called on her opponents to adhere to, she would do the right thing for the citizens of Lucas County and resign promptly. A new Republican, untarnished by the Bush fundraising scheme, would serve out the balance of her turn. Start thinking about the citizens of Lucas COunty and not your partisan political friends.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone else remember when Maggie appeared with her good friend Bernie Noe in front of the Court House to discuss the Sandy Isenberg roof fiasco? They both were very giddy and could hardly restrain themselves. Now, 3 years later we find out that Maggie's campaign benefitted from $40,000 of money from Tom Noe/GOP (perhaps from the BWC) and she is alledgedly involved in a sheme to circumvent Federal Election laws. Its Time for Maggie to GO!

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainally hope Frank Szollosi grows up into a fine gentlemen.

3:30 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...


I apologize for getting nippy, but the obvious crap has to be addressed.

Why not address this issues asked on your site? Why offer a comment forum which allows direct contact to ask questions of you and your stands if you're not going to answer them? I have asked you several questions which went unanswered, yet you'll just post away and ignore the issue.

I must say I would have been entertained to see the names of the nit-wits piling on Maggie, but cowardice is prevelant with Toledoans these days, including politicians.

Dan? Grow up. It's obvious the only person that cares about what you write are you and Frank. I get such a kick out of watching you defend yourself without any facts. He kept "dingleberry", but will delete anything that he finds he has to be held accountable for. The "blind loyalty" Frank displays is textbook, Dan, sorry your narrow mind can't grasp that. But seeing you're also the "dullest tool in the shed"(I'll accept second dullest for entertainment purposes only), I can understand your dilemnia. I can't explain EVERYTHING I type to you Dan, I apologize, but I do have a beach to frollic upon.

A "good leader" dosen't squeak into his City Council seat by 2,200 votes, Dan. There's 12 seats on City Council and Frank wants to divide it to Frank's standards, not the charters, Dan. Show me the unity in Frank's comment, Dan. Had I moved back and ran for office, I would have won, Dan. Where is YOUR ambition?

Oh yeah, Dan, it was a "Republican Intervention from outside the state" and not the VOTERS OF OHIO that sunk 2,3,4 and 5. From now on, do not address me unless you have a factual statement in your possession, thank you.

Thank you Maggie for keeping Pete and that spineless Tina at bay. I appreciate it!

Brian (Last Name held upon request to drive Dan nuts)

3:44 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...

From The Blade's Letters to the Editor, November 11, 2005:

Our elected officials should serve full term
My problem with your endorsement of Frank Szollosi to a four-year term on City Council is that he does not intend to fulfill a four-year term, He has already said that he is planning a run for another office next year.

So in other words he would do a "Wade" on the citizens of Toledo: Run for an office, get elected, then start his bid for the next race and leave a seat open for council to appoint someone else.

It's about time people elect the candidates who are really interested in doing something for their district instead of using their familiar name to run for another office.

Trish Moore

King Road

This is not a sign of a good leader, Dan.

Make a note of it.

4:20 PM  
Blogger liberal_dem said...

This Brian in Vitro character is god for a laugh. Sounds to me like he's maybe 19 or 20. Surely hasn't been around much and portrays himself as a know-it-all.

Here's a question for you, Brian: of the 12 council candidates, one has a blog. Why don't you criticize the other 11 for not having one on which you can post your nonsense? Seems to me that Frank deserves credit for allowing open debate. Hell, he even lets juveniles post in his blog.

4:42 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...

I've respected Frank for having the cajones for putting this site up. I've found myself at odds with his censoring this site just because he didn't agree with what the poster wrote. THAT is what shows his true character.

Oh it's a tragic day when the idiots of the world are in conspiracy against me....

5:02 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...

Hey thar Liberal vitro dude,

That thar link hooks up to the other ethically weak politican that afforded a blog to post upon. Remember Rob Ludeman? I betcha ya ain't got the link to THAT site, but I do!! Looks to me that I HAVE posted on OTHER political sites. Unfortunately, Rob's weak spine didn't allow the site to continue, so Rob scrapped his whole site.

I'll even bet you couldn't get the meaning behind my using "Snuffalupagas" as a posting name, knowing the site was a joke anyway. Let's see just how bright ya is, Liberal...if I'm so stoopid, it should be easy to get into my head.

Let me know if ya needs helps gittin 'cross da street.

5:14 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Fascinating, wholesome stuff here. Maggie Thurber? Never saw the email - never thought about the implications of the commissioners link. Flattered she did. I'm also sorry for Brian, don't want to neglect his questions either. Though I've said it here often, I would assume everyone with good "character" would understand I'd take down obscene, crude comments. And, to repeat, its time for someone from NW OH to step up and help clean up Ohio. Disappointed the RON amendments went down. There were too many at once, and perhaps too complicated. I'd remind you of FDR's admonishment to "try something" to address the needs of the country. Applaud RON for attempting to address the undeniable corruption in Ohio. Fact is, 500,000 Ohios asked that they be put on the ballot. Also a fact they lost badly. We progressives in Ohio have our work cut out for us.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For crying out loud "Brian", 4 ranting posts in an hour and a half on blog for a minor politician 1200 miles away.

Get a friggin' life.

I know it must be difficult looking down on the rest of the world from your ivory tower but give it a rest.

My congratulations to Frank for tolerating so much idiocy on this blog for so long in the name of free speech.

What do I know though, just another "anonymous"

7:05 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...

Well, it's quite apparent logic and common sense is labeled as "difficult looking down on the rest of the world from your ivory tower", but if you're that uninformed, don't blame me.

Frank, I've had several posts removed by you and I have NEVER used vulgar language, so please stop pandering.

I live here in Florida and I know more that's going on in Toledo Politics than most of you, and that's the sad part. Having the ability to address the ignorant and provide factual statements to afford credibility to my post is obviously beyond most of you posters, and is effectively an enviable trait I have.

Frank, if you're going to be a jerk to me because I had asked some tough questions, fine. If you're going to be a jerk to me for defending what your band of nit-wits call a "flank attack", that's fine too. But after watching these 6th graders attack other posters, it's painfully obvious you surround yourself with the feeble-minded, and that's ok. But don't wonder what happened when your goals aren't achieved when the reality comes out as to what kind of politican you really are.

Oh, and Frank? Something I learned while climbing my own ladder, try answering the questions posed to you instead of going off topic and distracting from the point. You're very good at that, but will sneak up and bite you one day. When that day comes, hope there isn't a camera upon you. There's my contribution to your political career after hearing that you're manipulating the system to your favor, Skip.

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Frank from Mike Zickar in Wood County. . . It's a pity that Issues 2-5 failed but we tried. Now the onus is on the other side to come up with alternative plans to resolve this epic ethics crisis.

All I see from their side is stall and diversion. . .

Meanwhile the state flounders.

Go get Frank!

6:50 AM  
Blogger liberal_dem said...

Maggie Thurber wrote this to Frank:

I am requesting that you list, by name, the individual commissioners whom you consider
to be allies, as I believe your current reference is misleading and inaccurate.

Please advise when you've made this correction.

Thank you,

Maggie Thurber
County Commissioner

Well, well, Ms. Thurber, knowing that you were one of the NOE CONDUITS, I'm sure that Frank surely DID NOT WANT YOU to be an 'ally' on his re-election campaign.

Your fingers are as dirty as the mud dripping off of your face this morning.

From The Toledo Blade November 12, 2005:


The details contained in the affidavit contradict what some of the alleged conduits have told The Blade since early this year. When asked in April what she knew about the investigation, Ms. Thurber said she had no details.

“I don’t need Tom and Bernie to give me money to give to Bush,” she said then.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, well. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. Let's not pretend you did not know that you were a conduit, you either, Ms. Schultz. Possibly you should have given it a "rethink" when you flew you're banner so high and mighty in the skies over Toledo. Thinking.....should have been a 1-800-NEED LEGAL COUNSEL instead, don't you ? Also, thinking....were you present at the "Luncheon" that was attended by many, including Mr. Noe when Carty was just "kick'n 'round the idea of seeking another term in office? How 'bout you Ms. Thurber?Oh, by the way, Carty was still on the air with Channel 13 at the time. Hmmmm.....Conflict of interest? Yup. Too bad the citizens were beguiled by Carty's "Oh I love you all so much" B.S.Also, anyone catch the "old" Carty on election night when he instructed his supporters to SHUT UP while he was talking? Any way, I stray from the issue. See ya Betty! Cheaters NEVER prosper. That goes for you too Carty, you and your goon squad. Hey Carty, ever go one on one with an intellegent conversation or do you need your goonies to be there for a-moral support? Possibly a position will be created for a staffer to be in charge of buying dozens of nerf balls, that way when the new Mayor has a temper tantrum there are no injuries. Seriously, I feel bad for anyone who'll be in the Mayor's office. God only knows why you all would want to be associated with a person so weak and so abusive. It's as though Carty has his own apostle's with Wilkowski in the lead as Judas.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Please let Ms. Thurber know that I've refreshed my content.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a completely different note, is Karyn "Parking Ticket" McConnell-Hancock planning on returning to City Council when you resign to go to your next office, or when both Bob McCrooksy and Betty Schultz are impeached (which will happen)?

"I don't give anybody else that courtesy on the street," Officer Brown said.

"But everybody else is not an elected official," Ms. McConnell Hancock replied.

Well, you know what, she isn't one anymore :-)

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually get quite a laugh out of Toledo politics. As a Republican who is publicly disappointed with the Republican controlled state government I am also woefully disappointed at the Democrat controlled Toledo city government.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This last mayoral election running 2 candidates with "re-elect for mayor" signs is part of the problem.

In the last 5 years, how many city councilmen/women have we had that were APPOINTED - NOT ELECTED? The blatant display of political power in this city is quite comical.

With respect to the "local Democrat Party talking point rhetoric" about Tom Noe, I'm trying to figure out if these people are just plain stupid or absolute hypocrites. When it comes to Democrats under scrutiny you hear, "hey, he/she are innocent till proven guilty". When the "Blade Court" declares a Republican guilty the local Democrats can't pull out the cross nails fast enough.

These same people blowing "Noe smoke" always apply it to politics and the old "pay to play" scenario. "Pay to Play" doesn't necessarily imply blatant cash transfers - it also refers to "favors". I can't believe there is a single person, who comments here, that is so naive that they "think" no favors occur in politics.

Until we quit lobbing subjective childish salvos supporting individual agendas and start holding people objectively accountable to real outcomes we will remain a slowly sinking ship.

I have used this analogy for years.... Open your hand and extend your fingers as wide open as possible - those fingers represent individual politicians, parties, or factions in Toledo. Each finger pulls in a different direction. That hand, with fingers extended wide open isn't very strong. Now, curl your fingers inward, in the same direction as a closed fist. If our politicians all worked that way - for the same goals, that previously weak hand has now become a powerful fist; strong and very solid. Any challenge, any opportunity will always be more effectively handled with the strength of that fist, rather than a weakened slap with the open hand.

Ed Nagle - Toledo OH

9:49 AM  
Blogger liberal_dem said...

Ed Nagle wrote:

As a Republican who is publicly disappointed with the Republican controlled state government I am also woefully disappointed at the Democrat controlled Toledo city government.

Are you 'woefully disappointed' as well with Bernadette Noe, Donna Owens, Sally Perz, Maggie Thurber, and Betty Shultz?

Or do these Republican ladies not count?

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allison Perz was named by Carty as a person on his transition team? She was also just identified as a possible conduit in the Noe debaucle.Why would Carty make such a decision? Just reading through the list of who's who on that team and remembering the night when the dem party split serves as no surprise to me. Also recollect Carty standing behind the roped off area in the back of the UAW with Mark, who was successfully elected to council.Also remember fellow Central Committee members unsuccessfully trying to speak and were quelled time and time again. All the while, Carty had that familiar smirk on his face. I saw it myself, so this is no inuedo. It baffles me that so many folks remain silent about the underhanded way in which this whole thing was orchestrated. I am not a politician, so I have no vested political interest, at this time. I am saying publically, however, that myself and a few other citizens are going to bring what we know about the "behind closed doors" malarky that went on, is going on, and will continue to go on,to the public's attention and is constantly in the faces of all of the individuals who were involved. For the moment, and only for the moment we will remain anonymous. Just as Carty did his bidding in a rather covert manner, so will we. That is until the Mayor steps down and Carty takes office. No sour grapes here, just refusing to let this whole sordid mess remain unpsoken. Hold on to your hats boys and girls.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Wilfred Cosgrove said...

Hey Frankie it appears you have done a good job of "snowing" all the people. But you will 'rule" on town council with an empty authority role. Toledo now is a shell of what it used to be. The business of government isn't to bring or create businesses to bring jobs. Lower the taxes and you will have the streets flooded with shoppers and "tax payers" . When they pay less for goods and services, they pay more in taxes. One of your Democrat heroes JFK said that. You people are still quoting FDR? State Issues, 2-5 went down to defeat because informed voters saw through the rhetoric supported by liberals. Those issues would take authority from the people and place it into the hands of a few ,unappointed crooks. Kind of like the PUCO. I'm surprised the Dem party hasn't sued the state to get the vote over turned. You use the courts like that all the time. Get out of politics. You aren't in it to lead, you're in it to follow.

8:25 AM  
Blogger gary garmuc said...

Hey Frank, how long until brother Matt jumps to county or state government?

Or is he really that happy leading all the trolls on Oregon council?

8:17 PM  

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