Sunday, November 13, 2005

Moving Forward

Upcoming issues...

1. The $5 million purchase of the Sports Arena property, accepting the option from the LCIC. Our hearing last week allowed council members and the public to have questions answered. The property will be a major piece in the Marina District puzzle.

2. Westgate revitalization and good jobs. We need to look at the overall redevelopment and investment potential, support the private owners plans, including Costco, and continue to insist on the elements of the Walk Westgate plan to achieve neighborhood quality of life goals.

3. Accountability in government.


Blogger BrianInVero said...

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4:32 AM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...

The silence is deafening, Frank.

Seeing I have your attention, Frank, explain this for us, will you?

3. Accountability in government.

I think in light of recent decisions on your part, do you think your holding a council seat with the intentions of departing that seat before the next elections is prudent FOR Toledo? How can a politican holding a government seat be held accountable when his intentions of bailing out on said city is part of your agenda?

Here's a humdinger for you, why even run? Just so you can put your foot in the door so when the opprotunity presented itself, you're gone? There were several people that finished lower than you, besides Karyn, that deserved that seat you took and are going to dispose of it to an appointed person outside what the voters wanted.

How can you be held accountable for these underhanded tactics, Frank? Is this REALLY how you "A" teamers work? Because Skippy did it you can? I'm anxiously awaiting your reply....unless you're going to ignore these question too...seeing you're overburdened with a plethora of posts on this subject.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Sir, my point is that someone from NW OH should step up and attempt to clean state government - not to take the next opportunity that presents itself. Moving forward does include addressing accountability. For example, Toledo City Council doesnt have an ethics policy - I think we should, and am working on it, among other reforms. Unfortunately, I think attempts to restore confidence will be met with the kind of flaming all too prevalant on blogs.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I agree a new ethics policy is needed and one that will be enforced.

I would like to know what your position on the 5 million for the Sports Arena is. Bob McKloskey was on the air yesterday of the new Brian Wilson show stating that he had some reservations about voting for it. He wanted to make sure concerning funding given he believes parking revenue will drop and he also mentioned wanting to see what Carty and his staff felt about it before voting.

He also stated he wanted to make sure the option would not disappear if Council waited which made me wonder is there anyone else who actually wants to buy that property?

I also vote for more discussion less flaming if my vote counts...

11:14 AM  
Blogger thenick said...

Why Westgate? Southwyck needs attention now, while Westgate could sit empty for a few more years and it wouldn't hurt the area.

At first, it was just the mall that was tanking, but it's spreading. The two large hotels have changed management and are no longer affiliated with major chains, meaning less customers. The KMart on Reynolds is decrepit and can't be long for this world. The offices surrounding Southwyck appear to be half-full at best. I've heard that Best Buy will be leaving their current spot at Airport and Reynolds as soon as they build a new store in Perrysburg, leaving that strip anchorless. All of these factors building into a giant ball of economic stagnation threatening to stifle any development in that area.

From what I've read, the worst case scenario for Westgate would be that it is replaced with box stores. The worse case scenario for Southwyck seems to be complete economic desolation for that area. If something isn't done soon, there's going to be A fast food place open on Reynolds and nothing else. And mark my words, if Steak & Shake closes, there will be hell to pay.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Dave Schulz said...

Congrats on the win on Tuesday.

I would love to assist you in toughening up ethics law, perhaps an Ethics COmmission, tougher conflict of interest rules and online reporting of contributions and Ohio Ethics Commissions filings of elected officials. It would be useful for the public to see who is giving money and who is getting served.

Also, I would welcome your leadership in clarifying term limits in Toledo to prevent the abuse that just happened in Toledo.


Dave Schulz

6:02 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...


Do you truly believe an "ethics commission" will make a difference?

I'm dead serious.

Why someone from NW Ohio? Why wasn't this decision you took upon yourself to pursuit the cleaning of state government made BEFORE you ran for the At-Large seat?

Do you truly appreciate the responsibility burden one carries by sitting on a Council seat? Judging your comments it dosen't look like it.

In all honesty, Frank, you're in the perfect position to begin the ethic cleansing by sitting in the seat you occupy. Look around you, violations are being made in Toledo. How can you overlook what is happening in your community when you're focused on the State?

I personally don't think your credibility will flounder if you start in "your own backyard".

I just wish for once one of you politicans would stand up for Toledo instead of this pathetic political posturing.

6:34 PM  
Blogger gary garmuc said...


Above post is right on! Why not Toledo First!

Simple, you can't stand the fact that you are a nobody in a one horse town like Toledo.

Whatever your ethical issues are, there are identical ones from the other side of the aisle. NW Ohio is the only place in the state where the politicians (ex Marcy Kaptur, you) can take a position that is so out of line with the majority opinion and still get elected over and over.

The union mentality of this town will be it's downfall!

6:46 PM  
Blogger liberal_dem said...

Accountability in government??

Will Betty Shultz and Bob McCloskey be able to participate in this issue or will they have to sit this one out???

9:14 PM  
Blogger J.R.W. said...

To BrianInVero:

If you spent half as much working on issues that would improve Toledo as you do flaming Frank Szollosi we could be the next Chicago.

You have posted 25 comments on Franks blog since you joined blogger in September. You've posted more comments than Frank has posted messages in the last three months. You should get you own blog and author your vision for Toledo everyday. I'm just wondering if you have the nerve.

Frank Szollosi may have come in 6th place in the Council race, but you didn't get any votes. Still you criticize Mr. Szollosi as if you have a mandate from the people. Again, do you have the courage to get your own blog, present your ideas, and help toledo, Ohio?

9:34 PM  
Blogger BrianInVero said...


I can hold Frank accountable here.

If he decides not to respond to any questions I have posted, it's easier to press the issues that concern me than going all over to other blogs, knowing Frank will not read them.

It just amuses me to watch these "buffers" pop out and criticize me for posting here. I don't have to explain myself, yet I get more grief than Frank has his own responses on his own blog. Besides, it's not nerve, it's ambition I lack for not starting my own blog, so make me a bad person, ok?

Frank likes to talk big, so let him answer the questions. He normally dosen't, so when he ignores the questions I post, the silence says more than his replying, JRW.

Besides, it must have taken you a while to read each blog and count all my posts. Says a lot about your lack of ambition to hold these politicans accountable with your tax dollars, but I thank you for keeping score and I appreciate your endeavour.

4:47 AM  
Blogger Frank said...


Thanks for your ideas. I understand your sending council a letter offering suggestions. On Monday, I forwarded a package of "accountability in gov't" ideas to the Finkbeiner transition team, asking the Mayor-elect to continue the stringent ethical demands put in place by Mayor Ford. Plus five points:

1. Council needs to draft and adopt an ethics policy & pledge.

2. City needs to develop an Ethics Handbook for all city employees and elected officials.

3. Respectfully require all new employees, commissioner level & up, to complete an Ohio Ethics Commission seminar.

4. Require lobbyist disclosure in City of Toledo.

5. Expand and enchance Mayor's Ethics Advisory Committee for more seats for citizens and greater public schedule and program.

Hoping to successfully engage the new Administration on public policy for the betterment of Toledo - despite our significant political differences of the past year.

10:36 AM  
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