Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Changing Focus of Blog

Its been interesting authoring this blog the past 11 months - an experiment really for an elected official and candidate. I opted for a free-for-all commenting format which produced plenty of hits and misses - and I enjoyed the criticism as much as the support. I've been far less comfortable with anonymous and derogatory opinions about others, though - perhaps because what unidentified people post here about my colleagues impacts my relationships with them. Going into a new year, and absorbing the lessons of this one - I'll be tinkering with both content and commenting settings to try and find the right balance for me. I've been amazed at the traffic here, and plan on adding more sophisticated features over the next few months as I get to them. I'd also encourage Toledo-area public officials, journalists, front-line rank-and-file employees, private sector leaders, academics, and citizen activists to try their hand at authoring their own blogs - we all could greatly benefit from greater (and more thoughtful) communcation and a better understanding of how emerging technology grows an economy. As I think about how to improve, of course, I'm open to suggestions...


Blogger Frank said...

For some reason this new commenting feature is malfunctioning, so I report these afternoon posts as sent...

Historymike has left a new comment on your post "Changing Focus of Blog":

You are way ahead of the rest of the pack by embracing this technology, Frank.

Many public servants are able to do little beyond reading email and composing Word documents (and we have at least one who does not own a PC).

As far as suggestions, I think you could post more of the City Council activity, along with your opinion on various Council measures.

There are a lot of items that, for various reasons, get missed by the mainstream media.

Finally, your blog has become a "must read" for those who want to know what is going on in local politics. Keep typing away!

Lisa Renee has left a new comment on your post "Changing Focus of Blog":

Alas, I can understand the reason to no longer have anonymous posters. It at times has been a problem for me and I don't get the flaming you have.

Comment moderation to me though will really have a serious affect on the free flow of discussion. I know other blogs have done it, and it is of course your blog.

I'll keep visiting either way and commenting. The bright side is you will read everything before it's approved so if I make any typos? Please fix them.

PS..if you are going to keep comment moderation on could you nix the word verification?


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Blogger Frank said...

Again, bear with me as I enhance some features - sorry about the awkwardness.

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Blogger Frank said...

Congressional bloggers by The Washington Post

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