Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blade Readers Respond

An interesting use of toledoblade.com - to publish reactions of Saturdays events on-line for which the print version doesn't have space.


Blogger -Sepp said...

All I seem to have been hearing is that "it's the nazis fault" or "the police's fault" that the riots happened. Are the gangs not responsible for anything? A band of nuts in nazi uniforms are entirely to blame while the very people who set north Toledo alight, vandalized the neighborhood, and assaulted residents,EMT's, newscasters and, the police are supposed to be "understood" for their "grievances"? How about some good old fashioned accountability? Anyone?

3:48 PM  
Blogger billy said...

Sepp, that's racist!!!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Phoenix said...

The government (federal, state and local) should take part of the blame for the riot. Why? Because it REFUSES to allocate needed dollars to FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE prevention agencies like Self-Expression Teen Theater (SETT). This organization, which has been in existence since 1986, has a waiting list of children (ages 11 to 17). This is because SETT receives FEW FUNDING DOLLARS; yet this agency is known to be FISCALLY SOUND AND EFFICIENT, while other agencies who don't even submit their CDBG applications on-time get the big bucks!

And that is the problem. There are agencies like SETT that exist in this city, but are not being allocated the dollars to serve the community. That is the REAL reason why October 15th will go down in the local history books!

Lady Phoenix

9:37 PM  
Blogger -Sepp said...

Billy, if the truth can be called racist then, the Nazis can just chalk up another point that validates their claims. Political correctness tends to fall on the opposite side of the truth and common sense. Our so called leaders in this community need to scrap the PC crap and focus on reality for a change. The nazis are the easiest to point blame at since their idiology is repugnant to 99% of the population while the black gangs get a free pass for their behavior since it's too easy to cry "racism" for chastising them for burning, looting and, assault? We are to hate the nazis for being a hate group but understand the gangsters "grievances"? Am I missing something here? It seems that Toledo wouldn't have the nazis marching if there wasn't a gang problem and there wouldn't be a gang problem if our city leaders would acknowledge that there IS a problem. The solution? Let the cops do their jobs and get the thugs off our streets and the nazis will just go back to their usual place on Jerry Springer.
Mrs Phoenix, good to see you're still around and still a cheerleader for SETT. Giving kids something to do besides drugs in this city is paramount to gang elimination and can provide some direction for kids who may be getting zero guidance at home. My guess Mrs P, is that the mayor's or some councilman's pet project tossed the SETT program on the back burner. My guess is maybe 500 grand for a skatepark or a rap studio or a lawnmower givaway program. Heck, the steam plant land givaway and the 300 grand bonus the mayor gave away could have gone a long way too!

10:34 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Phoenix said...

Sepp said: "Giving kids something to do besides drugs in this city is paramount to gang elimination and can provide some direction for kids who may be getting zero guidance at home."

SETT does a lot more than that, Sepp. SETT provides tutoring, homework assistance, and most importantly (to me), works DIRECTLY with the parents/guardians in providing parenting sessions and weekly phone calls and home visits to the youth's homes.

I hope Frank S. is around today to see this and yesterday's postings. I had HIM in mind when I mentioned agencies that don't even turn in their CDBG applications ON TIME, much less have YEARLY AUDITS. Frank S, why does the Ford Administration tolerate its own rules being broken, and yet screams about ACCOUNTABILITY?

Charity starts at HOME

Lady Phoenix

12:19 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Lady Phoenix, thanks for advocating for SETT - I agree that young people benefit from participating. The CDBG budget has been dramatically slashed at the federal level & it has hurt our ability to fund all we'd like. As far as the 'rules being broken' I remember council declining to fund a group because their app was late. I'll have to ask the committee chair, Mike Ashford.

Another good example of an initiative we've stopped funding is Mountain Mentors.

Saturday proves the need for renewed funding.

And billy & sepp - people who committed arson & assaulted public safety forces are being prosecuted, rightfully, by the city.

1:11 PM  
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