Thursday, September 29, 2005

RON: On the Air & On the Ground

Reform Ohio Now has hit the airwaves across Ohio to support State Issues 2, 3, 4 & 5 - efforts to restore trust, confidence and faith in Ohio. Click here to view the ad on-line.

We're also continuing to hit the streets spreading the word - this Saturday we'll meet in the morning at McDonalds on Dorr & Collingwood, and again Sunday afternoon. There is ground action across several NW Ohio counties and all over the state. Email me for details.

40 days out & the movement to clean up corruption is poised for a historic victory. Now is the time for YOU to step up and help with a contribution, volunteering some time or taking a yard sign. Again, email me for details.

Here is a big reason people across partisan, geographic, civic and professional lines are supporting these common sense reforms.


Blogger Lisa Renee said...


Thought you would be interested in this.


9:10 PM  
Blogger billy said...

Frank - Ive got some questions on RON issues on things Ive heard:

1- Reform Ohio Now. Sounds like an Ohio organization, but its actually funded by George Soros - the guy who wants to legalize heroin. Why is this such a secret?

2- Why should an outside the state organization be allowed to get 4 initiatives on the Ohio docket? Is it really in Ohio's best interest to let outside the state organizations fund political programs in our state? Wouldnt these out of state organizations be tempted to slant things that would be for THEIR best interests and not in the best interests of the people in a state they dont reside in? As I said before, Soros wants legalized drugs - would you still support him if he tries to get that initiative on our docket? same guy - same money.

3- The Toledo city council staffer who is on paid leave of absence to campaign for RON makes $62K per year. Who is it, and what duties do our tax funds pay for that we are not recieving now? If we are not losing anything from this person's absence, can we do without this role, and maybe hire another cop or fireman?

4- RON wants to redo the voting districts in Ohio. Can we see a map of the new proposals?

5- Which roles in the Ohio BOE does RON want to change from being elected roles to appointed roles? Ive always thought elected officials would represent the people better

6- Ive got to show an ID to rent a movie at Family Video, check out a library book, get into a bar and buy a drink, but RON doesnt think I should have to show an ID to vote - why?

Waiting for your comment.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I've not seen any connection to RON and Soros, except for the rumor mills trying to make than an issue. Ohio First is collecting out of State money for donations in almost the same manner as RON has. Which makes your second question not valid since it's not anymore of an "out of state" organization than Ohio First is. Why does Ohio First generate out of state donations? Same reason RON has, the hype created by this on both sides.

The full text to the amendments, till Frank can give you the rest of the answers you were looking for.

I haven't made a decision as to my support of all of these admendments, however I do know alot of what is being stated by Ohio First isn't accurate if you spend just a small amount of time getting informed. I'd also state that I think by now RON should have the updated amendments on their website.


8:59 AM  
Blogger billy said...

"alot of what is being stated by Ohio First isn't accurate if you spend just a small amount of time getting informed"

thank you for your comments - Im coming HERE to get informed - that's why I asked what I did.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

I'll respond tonight when I get home.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

billy -

1) RON has filed with the Ohio Secretary of State and with Boards of Elections in all 88 counties. The organization opposing the RON amendments has filed in the state of Deleware, to shield its contributors.

2) Why should an out-of-state organization have any credibility on 4 amendments - which a half million Ohio voters signed petitions to see those amendments on the November ballot? The RON amendments, particularly the legislative redirstricting amendment, levels the playing field for state house, state senate and congressional elections. Does billy support lopsided legislative districts that gerrymanders to insulate Democrat and Republican politicians? Or should we have competitive districts where the quality of ideas, and your record, count more than partisan cartographers in a backroom.

3) The Toledo City Council staffer is not on paid leave. He is on unpaid leave.

4) RON amendments do not create new maps - they ask the people of Ohio to submit maps that levels the playing field, not rigs the game. The RON amendment on redistricting merely calls for the fairest map possible - as opposed to the status quo: the most partisan, lopsided map possible.

5) The statewide Elections Commission is modeled after the successful 88 Boards of Elections across Ohio. The State of Illinois also has as bipartisan state BoE. The sanctity of our vote is too important in the hands of a singular partisan official, from either party.

6) RON & voter ID cards? I'll have to find out what the campaign's position on that one.

Thanks for the questions Billy, hope these answers help - and willing to discuss in more depth.

9:58 PM  
Blogger billy said...

Frank, thanks for your response!

Just a couple clarifyers:

" The organization opposing the RON amendments has filed in the state of Deleware, to shield its contributors."

Owens Corning is incorporated in Delaware - does anyone think THEY are a Delaware corporation?

As far as shielding its contributors, the Soros question has remained unanswered. Soros was the funder behind - a smear organization who even my democrat friends gave no account to, seeing as how many lies it produced. Are RON's standards as shakey as MoveOn's?

The crux of my question on the staffer on UN paid leave: what duties do our tax funds pay for that we are not recieving now? If we are not losing anything from this person's absence, can we do without this role, and maybe hire another cop or fireman?

again, thanks for your thoughts

5:49 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Owens Corning's sole purpose is not to influence an election in Ohio, as is the sole purpose of Ohio First. Ohio First in fact filed as a religious organization there to shield its contributors - OC provides reports to its shareholders that get reviewed by tens of thousands, inlcuding analysts and the SEC.

If Soros is a big contributor to RON, it will be disclosed on RON's campaign finance reports, and those voters in Ohio who so wish, can ceretainly take it into account when they vote. As far a goes, I do remember Soros's role as major funder - under section 527 of the IRS, he and wealthy partisans across the spectrum took advantage of that. The fact remains, the RON amendment seeks to prohibit direct corporate contributions to candidates & parties, and scale back $10,000 and $20,000 contributions. Corporate employees are welcome to contribute what they want to a corporate PAC, after which that corporate PAC could give as much as any "left-wing" PAC.

At the end of 2003, when our council aide left city council to go back to school, Councilwoman Grachek and I fought the majority of our colleagues to realize salary savings and not hire a replacement, thinking that would in fact help forstall layoffs. Our staff was simply asked to do more with less - and I'm proud of them. Several weeks off, for any reason, isn't too much for our staff handle.

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