Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Five Ring Circus

With news of the Lucas County Democratic Party's endorsements, I'm reminded of a great time I had with my wife and son about 10 days ago - an evening at the circus.

Lucas and I had a chance to ride an elephant. Under the big top, aerial acrobatics LIVE, WITHOUT A NET. Tigers in a cage, leaping through flaming hoops and balancing on little medicine balls.

See the unity candidate! See the trailer with 1000 pound snakes!

Clowns, vendors, carnies running to & fro!

Dogs riding horses and other fun tricks. Cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, carmel apples.

Prancing ponies. Cue the flying trapeze. Win balloons, buy circus peanuts. Trampoline stunts.

A man folding himself into a clear 1x1 box. "My friend."

"Buy our coloring books for $1, my little chickadees!" cried the rotund ringmaster.

A man with a long metal pole on his chin, holding up a woman in a seat, juggling. Women swirling 30 hula-hoops at a time.

A man throwing coffee cups, office garbage cans, and restaurant tables.

More horse tricks and juggling - bowling pins, hoops, knives, flaming sticks.

A high wire act, including the deadly 7 man pyramid.

Send in the performing elephants, our candidate needs money!

"Under the biggest big top on earth, with the worlds largest traveling menagerie" Thanks UAW Local 12 Education Committee for bringing in the circus!


Blogger historymike said...

Lots of parallels, Frank.

It is odd, however, to see Frank with an elephant. I thought that was Carty's job!

(GOP... elephant... Dems... donkey - in case anyone did not pick up on the reference)

7:27 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

If I ever get to a point where I lose my sense of humor, I'll hang up my cleats.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Toledoenne said...

Don't let PETA find out about your visit to the animal slavers.

10:26 AM  

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