Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Conservative Republicans For RON


Blogger liberal_dem said...

I note that he calls himself a conservative Republican, [as if there are other types?] Gosh, who wasthat last liberal Republican who turned off the lights and closed the door?

Apparently the Republicans can't seem to figure out how to control spending, give away tax breaks, and balance the budget at the same time. Good old GOP neocon Grover Norquist has said it best: "I want to shrink the government down to the size so that I can drown it in the bathtub." Or in the flood waters of the Gulf?

Sorry that I cannot get all excited about a Republican who seems to be fed up with other fellow Republicans. We've been tricked too many times by the 'well-meaning' Republicans who love to do the bathtub routine with our government.

It seems to me that, given the track record of the 'new' Grand Old Party, I'll keep my sword and shield nearby as I watch this little episode unfold.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I see he doesn't support Three, but does Two, Four and Five.

Thanks Frank, that does show that there is some support on at least those ones by both parties.

11:52 AM  
Blogger thenick said...

Does anyone have any info about the Ohio Taxpayers Association? Because Google comes up with only one hit and it appears that the Ohio Taxpayers Association is a one man organization. A more accurate headline would be "Conservative Republican for RON".

4:17 PM  
Blogger runnindog said...

liberal_dem wrote:
I note that he calls himself a conservative Republican, [as if there are other types?] Gosh, who wasthat last liberal Republican who turned off the lights and closed the door?

This wasn't very hard to find

List of liberal or "Rockefeller" Republicans

John B. Anderson -- U.S. representative from Illinois, 3rd party candidate for President, 1980
Sherwood Boehlert -- U.S. representative from New York
Michael R. Bloomberg -- Mayor of New York
Edward W. Brooke -- U.S. senator from Massachusetts
John H. Chafee -- U.S. senator from Rhode Island
Lincoln D. Chafee -- U.S. senator from Rhode Island
William S. Cohen -- U.S. senator from Maine; secretary of defense
Susan Collins -- U.S. senator from Maine
Barber Conable -- U.S. representative from New York and president of the World Bank
Silvio O. Conte -- U.S. representative from Massachusetts
Thomas Dewey -- governor of New York
Rudolph W. Giuliani -- Mayor of New York (Debatably liberal promises with conservative actions)
Mark O. Hatfield -- Governor of Oregon, U.S. senator from Oregon
John Heinz -- U.S. senator from Pennsylvania
Frank J. Horton -- U.S. representative from New York
Amory Houghton -- U.S. representative from New York
Jacob K. Javits -- U.S. senator from New York
Jim Jeffords -- U.S. senator from Vermont
Kenneth Keating -- U.S. senator from New York
Robert M. La Follette, Jr. -- U.S. senator from Wisconsin
Robert M. La Follette, Sr. -- governor of Wisconsin and U.S. senator from Wisconsin
Fiorello H. LaGuardia -- New York City mayor
John V. Lindsay -- U.S. representative from New York, New York City mayor
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. -- U.S. senator from Massachusetts
Charles Mathias -- U.S. senator from Maryland
Thomas L. McCall -- Governor of Oregon
Constance A. Morella -- U.S. representative from Maryland
Wayne L. Morse -- U.S. senator from Oregon
Robert W. Packwood - U.S. senator from Oregon
George Pataki -- Governor of New York
Jack Quinn -- U.S. representative from New York
Richard J. Riordan -- Mayor of Los Angeles
George W. Romney -- Governor of Michigan
Nelson A. Rockefeller -- Governor of New York, Vice President of the United States.
Theodore Roosevelt -- President of the United States
Arnold Schwarzenegger -- Governor of California (Debatably liberal promises with conservative actions)
Chris Shays -- U.S. representative from Connecticut
Alan K. Simpson -- U.S senator from Wyoming
William W. Scranton -- Governor of Pennsylvania
Margaret Chase Smith -- U.S. senator from Maine
Olympia Snowe -- U.S. senator from Maine
Arlen Specter -- U.S. senator from Pennsylvania
Harold Stassen -- Governor of Minnesota and perennial presidential candidate
James R. "Big Jim" Thompson -- Governor of Illinois
Earl Warren -- Governor of California and Chief Justice of the United States
Lowell P. Weicker Jr. -- U.S. senator from Connecticut, Governor of Connecticut
William F. Weld -- Governor of Massachusetts
Wendell Willkie -- Republican candidate for president
Malcolm Wilson -- Governor of New York

See also
Log Cabin Republicans
Republican In Name Only
South Park Republican
Republican Liberty Caucus

9:07 AM  
Blogger liberal_dem said...

runningdog -thanks for the list. There are some 'grand' names on your list who have acted on behalf of the citizens of America rather than special, corporate interests.

Some I especially admire[d] are Mark Hatfield, Lowell Weicker, Margaret Chase Smith, Harold Stassen [perennial candidate for president], John B. Anderson, William Cohen, Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller, John Lindsay, Ev Dirksen, and John Danforth.

I question the 'liberal' label of some on the list, but nonetheless, the fact is that most are not representative of the present, right-wing Republican Party now in power.

Scoundrels like Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, and Newt Gingrich more clearly represent today's GOP, and the folks on my list would have not allowed characters like these to have risen to power within their Grand old party.

10:18 AM  

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