Friday, August 05, 2005

Your Democratic Team For A Strong Toledo

As we approach 40 days before the September primary, I want to express appreciation to everyone with Our candidates have so much support from across the city. Our Mayor Jack Ford, as a result of his national reputation for commitment, innovation and achievement, has received strong financial and political support from coast-to-coast. Jobs, health care, and responsive city services - not to mention leadership that's not embarrassing or gimmicky. Our slate reflects Toledo and everything that's great about being a Democrat.

There are a few first time candidates on the September ballot that deserve your support: Karen Shanahan earned a masters degree, is a great mom, and works in the transportation industry for a company in Arrowhead Park. She and her husband Rex are recent Democratic activists, and her freshness is welcome. She asks questions and looks at things like a regular person. She wants to use her transportation experience and relationships to help maintain and attract jobs to Toledo. She should get one of your six votes.

Bob Vasquez brings decades of experience working with young people in Toledo. In fact, he and my dad worked alongside each other for the Ohio Youth Commission back in the 1970's. Bob is a good dad himself, his sons are successful young men, and are helping him with his campaign. Bob's brothers are Toledo Police officers. I just know his commitment and experience will be valuable additions to City Council. Save a vote for Vasquez.

And Phil Copeland has served our community loyally for years, often under the shadow of his uncle, the late, great Bill Copeland. His advocacy of working people in Toledo is second to none on Toledo City Council. He is strong, reliable, and just a really friendly guy. And he lives in East Toledo, which is even more reason to support him.

Karyn McConnell Hancock and I are fortunate to be running with such a strong, well balanced municipal slate. Check back to the site for more information, and how to contact and support these fine candidates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a strong slate of candidates. Only two comments. What type of signal does it send that Shahanan does not even work in Toledo? Although I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, she should be working in Toledo if she wants to be on City Council.

Second, I'm really struggling with McConnell-Hancock. There is no way to excuse her attempt to use her power to fix a serious traffic violation, especially when it was connected to her private, not public, position. In my opinion, that's worse than Schultz getting a $5,000 "gift" from Noe. If we are demanding that Schultz resign from council, we look like we are setting a double standard without requiring McConnell-Hancock to do the same. In my opinion, her McConnell-Hancock knowingly abused her power to try to avoid a flagarant abuse of the law while Shultz was apparently conned by the ultimate conman. McConnell-Hancock had a lot of potential, but she has lost my vote forever.

1:43 PM  
Blogger ToledoJoe said...

I agree with the previous post. Hancock has got to go. How can you support someone that sticks her nose up at the law and the police. How can you support someone like that over Ernest Berry and others.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I don't think the fact that Karen Shanahan works in Maumee is an issue, lots of Toledoans work in the burbs. If she owned the company it might be an issue.

I'm more surprised no one has brought up McCloskey's attempt to side step term limits, even though the City Law director has said it's legal no one seems to have mentioned it. As for the charges against him they aren't criminal, it's a civil trial and doesn't start till October last I heard. So that's probably why nothing has been written much about it.

Personally if my Toledo mailing address allowed me to vote? I couldn't support McConnell-Hancock either. However most voters seem to have a short memory span so unless one of the candidates running or the public makes an issue out of it? She will probably win again. That's a sad but true fact too often in politics. One sides huge ethics issue is another ones small mistake in judgement.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These previous posts are all right. McConnell should resign from council. Frank, if you are in one post condemning Shultz and blindly overlooking McConnell's unethical abuse of power, that says a lot about your character.

As for Shanahan, I agree that it is not a big deal -- just another sorry example that Ford has created so few jobs in Toledo that even he has to look outside of Toledo to find people to run for Toledo City Council. If it weren't so pathetic, it'd be funny.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Lisa Renee,

Dave Schulz here. Back in March, I made an issue of McCloskey making an end run around term limits. He is running a very deceptive campaign violating election laws and trying to appear he is running for re-election as an at-large councilman. I even got the Blade to threaten its support for him if he continues down the path he is on.

I also called on McConnell to resign for her abuse of power.

Please visit my website at to read some news archives on my calling out McCloskey.

Thank you.
Dave Schulz

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


One would be under the impression after reading your blogs that you want to be a career politician.

Rule number one is "choose your friends wisely". Governor Taft should be your lesson. Personally, Karyn is going to be your "ball and chain" to your career if you allow it. Democrat or not, she screwed up big time.

Rule number two is "don't act bigger than you really are." Remember, you weren't elected into the office you're holding.Pay close attention to Bob McCloskey,let HIM be your lesson.

Rule number three is "choose your battles wisely." Overstating the obvious by demanding your fellow councilpeople be held accountable for Tom Noe's indescretions isn't fair. No one knew in 2002 that Tom was up to something, including you.

I sincerely hope your infatuation over Jack's campaign to be re-elected dosen't blind you to the fact you have your OWN reputation to maintain. You really don't want to be labelled as Jack's cheerleader JUST IN CASE he dosen't get the big chair after November.

I'd be interested in reading your input on this, for I state these rules for a reason, and it's not because my mind is creative.

I also found it interesting that you've recently posted on the comments of the other threads you've created, but not here.


8:17 AM  
Blogger historymike said...

Have to agree about KM-H. There is a lot of anger in the community about her behavior in the infamous parking incident.

When I do expedient/stupid things like parking where I am not allowed, and get a ticket, I pay it. Pure and simple.

KM-H, however, seemed to demonstrate an attitude of being somehow above the law. In my opinion, such peopele do not deserve our support, and others should be elected.

In the real world, people who think the rules do not apply to them are called sociopaths.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Frank - do you listen to your public? Of the 8 comments preceeding mine, 7 of them talk about K Mc-H needing to go. The 8th doesnt mention her one way or another. Are you getting the message? Do your constituents' opinions matter to you?

Brian just laid out a WHOLE bunch of truth in plain english. 2 BIG comments you really need to paint on your bathroom mirror are that you need to remember your OWN reputation here, and not to forget you werent elected into the place you are filling...


4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billy brings up a good point. You weren't elected into your position. Neither was Karyn McConnell-Hancock. BOTH OF YOU WERE APPOINTED DUE TO NEPOTISM. Just because you have the fortune of being related to a local politician, and you used your family name to get appointed to a position doesn't mean that you are better than anyone else.

Karyn McConnell-Hancock's recent actions proved that she honestly believes that she should be given special treatment because of her family name and her position (which she got through her family name and not her qualifications). For that reason, the voters should "fire her" at election time.

If you support her, that is a sign that you condone the status quo of Toledo politics (i.e. arrogance), and you will go down with her (like Gov. Boob Tax because he stood behind Tom Noe).

5:22 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Tapping in a short reply at 65mph on the Turnpike Sunday night. Had a wedding in VA.

1 - I love public service..the people, the policy,and the politics. Look at the bio, I'm grateful for my experiences.

2 - To the guy who said KMH and I weren't elected: wrong. Toledo City held our first wing election. We won our special election in 11/03, I got roughly 28,500 votes, KMH got roughly 31,000 votes. We both work hard.

3 - Equating KMH to Taft Noe Etc is a non starter. I won't make an excuse for her parking thing. She paid her fines. I unconditionally support her re-election.

I do enjoy and take into consideration what's posted here, as I value what I hear going door to door, at churches and events, what I read in the newspaper, etc.


8:29 PM  
Blogger Subcomandante Bob said...

Listen: McConnell-Hancock should be recognized for having entreprenurial spirit.

Let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first piece of dung.

Karyn tried to negotiate a deal, pure and simple. She is, after all, a barrister, people. She tried to do what she does best, which is telling Justice to kiss her a** and get a victory for her client.

Which was herself.

Instead of impaling her with our rhetorical daggers, we should embrace this utilitarian model of pragmatism.

God, I almost had myself believing that crap. Phew!

Nah - better to boot her out of office, before she figures out how to really use the system for her own benefit.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, sum bitch he's right, as an At-Large.

I apologize for not using Google.


5:41 AM  
Blogger ToledoJoe said...

These posts show me that Hancock is not liked at all and should not be re-elected. Other than her last name being McConnell -- what qualification does she have other than being holier than thou. Frank, you've got my vote, but dump the baggage of McConnell. Your support of her makes you look like just another unprincipled politican.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Sepp said...

I'd say we shouldn't ping Shanahan about NOT working in the city. Ya gotta go where the work is and it's all leaving Toledo. KMH's personality shown through as just another elitist. It reminds me of how Ray Kest acted when he got his DWI. Arrogant to the last.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

Well, the replies started off as "that is a strong slate of candidates" to a complaint session going nowhere. First, I have to wonder why most the dung is being flung in the direction of the only female candidates listed. Misogyny? Subtle or otherwise…

In reading posts like this I truly get sick of what everyone does NOT want or like. What do you want? It is just too darn easy to point the finger in other’s direction when you offer no direction of your own.

Frank here shows courage and leadership. You can’t knock him for that. Not many other elected officials taking the time or effort to do what he is doing here. To me, this is a reflection of a work ethic we should admire.

All of the candidates Frank has listed here have their strengths. Some more than others. This is a tough year, so many candidates-- it seems like a bit of overload trying to learn about them all. Having the opportunity to meet all who Frank talks about, I can say there is nothing incorrect or misleading about what he says. If you have judgements about past decisions or behaviors, make them, but I do not see Frank as misleading.

I hope that some of you take time to learn more about new comers like Bob Vasquez and Karen Shanahan. These are folks who have never been elected and could bring vitality to local government. They might be new enough to help make Toledo even better than it is now. Why not find out more about the new folks and see what they will bring to the table that is City Council?



12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're right. Frank demonstrates a great deal of candor and courage by interacting with his constituency in a public, free-flowing dialogue.

But ditch the misogyny crap. It's old fashioned. In this day and age, women can and do take the heat just the way men do.

9:22 AM  

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