Friday, August 19, 2005

Debate, poll notes

Meant to post these last night:

Mayor Ford had a larger presence on the panel and in the room. Sitting next to the Mayor, Carty looked small - all the weight he lost adds nothing to what's left of his gravitas. Remember the adage about the taller candidate having the edge?

The Mayor acknowledged he hasn't focused on touting his accomplishments as Mayor. He gave details on jobs created and the excellent CareNet effort that has given 6,000 folks access to health care.

Don Gozdowski, an "up-to-this-point" unknown candidate, responding to a question about creating jobs in central Toledo, said something like," we need to teach men to take showers, tuck in their shirts and not blow in late to work." Did I mention this forum took place at Indiana Avenue Baptist Church in central Toledo? His response and the reaction of the audience will live in infamy.

Keith Wilkowski looked and sounded as good as I've seen him on the trail this year. I like his idea of retaking neighborhoods from problem liquor stores through precinct level referendums on liquor permits. He was concise, energetic, and had some creative ideas. "A candidate of both responsibility and passion," Keith is running against both Mayor's of last 12 years. That's hard to do when you've supported Mayor Ford the last 3 1/2. On the radio, I'm told, it was tough to make him out from the other lesser well-known candidates, however.

Carty paled in comparison to Keith as well. Almost every response started, "when I was Mayor." Reminded me of the old uncle who always said stuff like, "When I was a young man we walked 15 miles through the snow to get to school." Always an exaggeration with no respect or even willingness to understand the present and future. Funny to hear Carty take credit for Bill Clinton's economy and job creation and blame Mayor Ford for President Bush's recession. Mayor Ford's effort to turnout votes for John Kerry in 2004 dwarfed Carty's non-existence in 2000.

"Jobs, jobs, jobs." Carty intoned unconvincingly. Why then is he holding press conferences and sending letters that threaten the Westgate revitalization? Perhaps his anti-jobs campaign rhetoric is catching up to him, I didn't see anyone from Dennis Duffey's or Bill Lichtenwald's locals at the debate to support him. Finkbeiner's position on Costco would keep their members unemployed.

On the other hand, Mayor Ford's aggressive partnership with DaimlerChrysler, the UAW, the Port and RGP is bringing more parts suppliers to the Stickney Jeep area. Not only is it putting building trades folks to work, its bringing back hundreds of laid off Jeep workers. The deputy director for the UAW in Ohio, the state UAW political director and dozens of UAW members were in attendance in support of Mayor Ford.

And then there is the WTOL poll. 300 random sample of "likely" primary voters creates what us Democrats call an "undercount" in central Toledo. Mayor Ford's numbers are higher than the poll suggests - which, for the primary, hurts Wilkowski. And tell everyone you know that Carty is up better than 20 points in August.


Blogger historymike said...

Here is a near-verbatim quote of the aforementioned Gozdowski statement (I heard it live and also when it was replayed on Frantz's show today):

"The central city neeeds an attitude adjustment. I have hired central city workers, and they were always 10 minutes late, had bad personal hygiene, and needed lessons in how to be employable."


Frank rightly points out that the debate was held in a central-city Baptist church, and that the crowd was justifiably agitated. Gozdowski is lucky someone didn't take a swing at him; if I were African-American and listened to that BS, I would have been highly pissed off. The crowd showed remarkable restraint.

Imagine if an African-American candidate went into a largely-white church and started calling unemployed whites a bunch of lazy, smelly, good-for-nothing crackers.


8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it really matter what you think. We know where you stand and NO ONE CARES.

Don Gozdowski only was speaking the truth, but should have pointed that out about most of society. Look at the attitudes of most these days, especially the young.
The way they dress and look these days, I agree with him on alot of what he said.

Frankie only likes his guys and we know where he is coming from. Does anyone pay attention to him. The only reason I saw this site, he is advertising on the Blob website. Wonder who is paying for that? Figures he would be on the Blob.

Frankie, you need to get a REAL job...

10:18 PM  
Blogger historymike said...

Perhaps, Mr. Anonymous, you could inform the readers of this blog exactly which areas Mr. Gozdowski was, in your opinion, "right"?

I will concede that he may have mis-spoken, and he did make several references along the lines of "what I say is not always what I think."

However, I have employed many central city residents, and I cannot recall a single one who had hygiene issues. I do remember two particularly smelly employees who happened to be white, though.

10:49 PM  
Blogger simeontalley said...

I think Opal stole the show at the debate. Besides being divinely inspired by none other than G-O-D, she attacked Carty for costing her a million dollars in business foreclosures.

Gozdowski's comments were offensive and the Mayor responded very well, very classy of him which got a tremendous reaction from the crowd. I think he started off his introduction by saying hello to Cary...What was that all about?

I think Mayor Ford performed very well, he did have the advantage of the crowd. This was the Urban League Young Professionals and questions about issues pertaining to the African American community. Really a poor performance by the Mayor which is wasnt, would have been dissapointing.

With less than a month to go, is the race shaping up to a 3 man race Jack, Carty, Keith? Is it at all a possibility that these three candidates allow Ludeman to squeak by past the primary into the general?

10:54 PM  
Blogger historymike said...

I agree, simeontalley. Ludeman could somehow wind up #2 if the three Dems clobber each other and chop up the votes.

Of course, Carty is running as a quasi-Republican this time, with a very pro-business sounding platform, so one might make a convincing argument that it is a 2-Dem, 2-Rep race, and Ludeman will only be the second-best of the Republicans.

Wild race, though, and never a dull moment for the next four weeks.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

The above anonymous poster sounds that you, Triumph?

historymike & simeontalley, it could be GOP turnout in Toledo plummets this fall for a number of reasons:

lack of slate (only Sarantou and Shulz),

lack of enthusiasm (Taft, Noe, Thurber, et al.)

lack of city activity by Lucas County Republican Party and mayoral standard bearer.

Again, I sound like a broken record, but a low GOP turnout hurts Carty more than Mayor Ford.

Opal did bring a feminine mystique to the panel last night. Who can forget the televisied images of Mayor Finkbeiner's liberation of hundreds of cats from her place over off East Broadway. You want to talk olfactory issues...

12:32 AM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

You have got to be kidding me, I can't believe this has gotten to the point where Don's obvious gaffe statement and Opal's claims are even an issue.

Carty did not force her to be closed down that was the law and the Humane Society as well as the Dog Warden.

She got in over her head in trying to help animals, that is not Carty's fault or anyone except for the irresponsible pet owners that placed her in that situation.

Another reason why I feel those of you who don't have the guts to take the few seconds to become un-anonymous? Should not bother to post.

He does have a "real job" and if he was not being honest? Alot of us would call him on it, I would be one of the first.

How many local politicans are doing what he does? ummm NONE, so maybe those of you so willing to cast the first stone might want to consider that.

Frank knows exactly where I disagree and agree with him yet he has still supported me. Look at his links, he didn't have to list me and he knows I don't agree with him yet he did. Why? Because he is one of those rare politicans that supports those who even disagree with him at times. I did not ask him to nor did I expect anything from him.

He is the "real deal" and I support him 100%.

1:55 AM  
Anonymous Steve Fought said...

That debate was only an exhibition.

It was like the early rounds of an Ali fight when he would dance, do the Shuffle, and extend his left arm just to take measure of his opponent--lock in the coordinates for the punishing blows that would come in later rounds.

My prediction for the main event:

"Down goes Finkbeiner, down goes Finkbeiner!"

He's the one with the softest support. He's the one who gets his jaw broken in the next bout.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of an unusual request Frank, but Im always willing to help:

EVERYONE! "Carty is up better than 20 points in August."!!!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Want to make some corrections to my earlier post:

Keith Wilkowski tells me he is not using a mortgage as a vehicle for TV ads or any other campaign spending - and that yes, he did get all his absentees out on schedule. He invited me to use a better source for scoop on his campaign: manager Jen Sorgenfrie. Sounds like good advice.

I'll have to ask her about the TV ads his campaign reserved at the end of last week.

1:19 AM  

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