Sunday, July 17, 2005

On The Trail - Week 10

Literally on the trail this past week, hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with Mountain Mentors. It was my third trip in four years. Missed my family but greatly enjoyed the wilderness and lending a hand to some Toledo kids who hopefully had a transformative experience. Check back for pictures from the summits we bagged and some of the brook trout we caught.

Hit the campaign trail today: Festivals worked: St. George's, St. Thomas, Irish. Festivals I attempted to visit, but had already ended: St. John's Pt. Place, and African-American. Festival missed: Our Lady of Lourdes. I also spoke at a rally to stop child abuse over at Wildwood MetroPark with Congresswoman Kaptur, and finished the day at a house party for Mayor Ford in Old Orchard. Fortunately, my wife and son traveled with me the whole afternoon and evening.

A quick review of newspapers from last week, along with conversations with folks today, yields these observations:

Gotta check those petitions thoroughly before walking into the BoE. Ouch.

Carty actually did what Joe Biden was only accused of, and Biden dropped out back in '88. Carty plagiarized in his KICK-OFF speech. Here is a man with no shame, he's got no business being in a race for public office.

Bob Vasquez and Karen Shanahan continue to impress with their work ethic and ability to connect on the stump. Vasquez has worked with kids for 30 years, and has three brothers on the Toledo Police force. If he raises the money, he can win. Shanahan worked like heck for the Democratic ticket last year, and has the image of a younger Eleanor Kahle. These two are the most likely new members - notwithstanding the brand new, and expensive, Bob McCloskey billboards up all over town, outside his council district. Bob is working it, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Bob McCrooksky's expensive billboards were financed with money that he extorted from businesses?

7:39 AM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I've heard good things about Bob Vasquez too.

I also heard Thomas Meinecke is running but haven't read anything lately about him, guess we'll find out more after Tuesday when the Board of Elections meets.

4:07 PM  

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