Friday, July 29, 2005

Early Carty Money Weak

All along we've been noting the connections that Carty has with Ray Kest - they share the same political operatives, they both have plead guilty to Ethics charges, Ray resigned, and Carty on July 1, 1998, fined $400 and court costs. But in one important respect they couldn't be more different: Carty's initial mayoral campaign finance report is embarrassingly weak. Ray Kest took an early lead in fundraising in 2001, eventually blowing almost a cool million. It seems as though the folks who invested in Kest '01 are reluctant to see their money vanish along with Finkbeiner's political career this year.

How committed is "Carty's Team" not a contribution from Pat Nicholson, Bob Reinbolt, John Irish? There was a generous contribution from initial Carty Finance Co-Chair Paulette Huber of $1000 - but she and her title have been removed from his website already.

As relayed to me at 3:30pm today, Mayor Ford had raised roughly $150,000 this year, spent about $88,000, and has roughly $369,000 on hand. Keith Wilkowski, a late entrant, invested $10,000 himself and $10,000 from a family member, raised another $13,000 or so and has about $32,000 on hand. Carty and Rob Ludeman both have raised not much more than $7,000.

Now its early, this is the first mid-year report for municipal races, and the numbers reflect activity through June 30th - which happened to be the day Carty held a press conference finally announcing his intentions. So much for the $1,000,000 in campaign pledges he was rumored to have upon his entry. His finance chair held an all-morning collection session at the Toledo Club on June 30. They must have blown nearly all they collected on the theatrics of his plagiarised kick-off speech.
No wonder Finkbeiner's campaign manager didn't last 3 weeks. (per the Carty website.) The recent rumors about Finkbeiner's money woes appear accurate - though I wouldn't rule out a lowball strategy anticipating the release of the weak initial finance report.

We'll have to see how Mayor Ford's considerable advantage in money converts into political capital. It's a tough but eminently winnable race for him.

Next public reporting deadline later in the fall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is money so important of how much you have to run for office? Isn't how you spend the money is what really matters in this race? All of the local media do a pretty bang up job covering the candidates' stories and whatever we see accomplished in this fair city--so that means we the voters will determine who gets elected not who has the most money.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is money so important of how much you have to run for office? Isn't how you spend the money is what really matters in this race? All of the local media do a pretty bang up job covering the candidates' stories and whatever we see accomplished in this fair city--so that means we the voters will determine who gets elected not who has the most money.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Lisa Renee said...

I'd agree it's too early to know how much Carty has, I also think it's sad that much money was donated to a campaign, over $360,000?

I can't help thinking of all of the good it could have done to help people. Instead it will be spent on television and radio ads. It's not a slam against Jack, Frank, just the whole system that creates this money/power monster.

12:15 AM  
Blogger Lester Pearson said...

Marcie Kaptur says the U.S. attorney, Mr. White, is "too close" to Governor Taft for comfort. I agree with her. that man asked Taft to help him get his job, for crying out loud!

Julia Bates, our prosecutor, defends Mr. White. So does Chris Redfern, the congressman from Catawba Island. What's wrong with them?

Let's get to the bottom of this scandal!

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I am anonymous--here is my vote (my pick which is based on my own personal research) for this upcoming September's primary and I used the list that was posted on the Lucas County Board of Election website:

Mayor (2 to be elected):
Wilkowski & Finkbeiner

Note to Ford: Jack--you are a much better legislative politician than just a mayor--I find you more effective to be in the statehouse than in Toledo.

These 6 will NOT get my votes:
Ford, Ludeman, Covey, Gozdowski, Okonski, & Baldwin

Council-at-large (12 to be elected):
Berry, Sarantou, Szollosi, Copeland, Skankland, Schreiner, Dave Shulz, Tilton, Shanahan, Meinecke, Vasquez & Balonek

These 4 will NOT get my votes in my lifetime: McCloskey, Sobczak, McConnell Hancock, & Betty Shultz

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Earl from Ohio said...

Anyone who counts Jack Ford out of this race is nuts.

When he held his first volunteer rally, his campaign HQ was PACKED. It was, in fact, literally, standing room only.

It's natural that the incumbent would have the lead in fund rasing.

But what's significant is how many committeed VOLUNTEERS turn out- that's the secret to the "ground campaign."

9:25 PM  
Blogger historymike said...

How many of those people at the "packed" volunteer rally were city employees, Earl?

Nothing like a little encouragement from department heads to bring out the "volunteers."

As far as Carty's money, his name is probably worth $200K. He could pull 20-25% without any ads at all, because there is a core of Carty lovers who would vote for him no matter what.

Never underestimate a politician with a dedicated base of voters. Also, I have had the opportunity to interact with all of the mayoral campiagns, and I have to give the edge to Carty right now (second place to Jack Ford) in terms of a campaign having its collective s**t together.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous PimpDaddy said...

How genuine you sound. Oh wait, what else would I expect from a career politician?

This isn't really meant to single you out. There are lots of career politicians. That's the real problem we have around Toledo and the rest of the country.

Tell you what, instead of sniping from the sidelines with your vested interest as a beneficiary of the mayoral race, why don’t you do something worthy of your constituent’s votes that doesn’t involve pandering?

Have a nice day!

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that Dave Schulz held a press conference today and signed a Citizen Legislator pledge affirming his support for the spirit and letter of the Term Limits provision of the City Charter (See McCloskey and Betty Shultz) and if elected, vowed not to run for another office while serving on City Council. We need more leaders who are more concerned about the city than their political careers.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave Shultz so far is getting my vote just on his idea of cutting down City Council chairs from 12 to I think he said 9, but we could go even further on that in my opinion.


10:14 PM  
Anonymous Sepp said...

I'd bet that a ton of those at Ford's rally were direct beneficiaries of Ford via city jobs. Carty has a base too which Frank is only too eager to dismiss. Don't be fooled Frank, the majority of people I run into have said "Carty was crazy but, he got things done". Nobody can seem to remember anything Ford has done. Look at his website list of "achievments". It's a bunch of resume' fluff and padding. Sounds good but in actuallity it's nothing that wouldn't have gotten done anyways minus the failed smoking ban listed at the top. His list of screw-ups is probably twice as long.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you think about the other races going on in Lucas County? School Board, Judicial races, etc?

8:41 PM  
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