Monday, July 25, 2005

DLC Report Updated - Gov. Vilsack Shines

LIVE BLOG FROM COLUMBUS - We're not simply concerned about 05 and 06. We are looking at building a record of solutions for 08.

The Democratic Leadership Council rolled into Ohio this weekend. The themes: Opportunity, security, reform and responsibility. No mention of NAFTA - which the DLC once championed. They should be held accountable as their style of trade agreements have cost Ohio tens of thousands of jobs.

Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman, a national officer of the DLC, has been talking up his record. Today Senator's Carper, Bayh, and Clinton will speak. Carper is speaking now.: "Good jobs good schools, and freedom from crime & terror." "Democrats cannot be pro-jobs and anti-business. Nor should we be lap dogs for big business." "Labor, environmental, and human rights laws must be enforced within our trade agreements." "Charter schools" - a point I disagree with.

10:53am Sen. Evan Bayh is about to pass the gavel to incoming DLC chair Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack.

A continuing concern I have about the DLC - its relationship with the House of Labor. Though the AFL CIO is having a historic and rancorous meeting in Chicago as we speak, there is precious little labor presence here. Firefighters President Harold Shaitbarger did address the hall from Chicago. Once, the DLC was led by friend of labor Dick Gephardt. Today, in Ohio where labor has done so much for working families and Democratic candidates - here is a leadership group without labor. That's a problem.

Bayh is upbeat, almost Clintonesque. He's talking about strength and that occassionally we need to use force to defend ourselves. "On their watch N korea has become an assemblyline for nukes, on their watch our alliances have been frayed, that the situation in Iraq has been terribly mismanaged"

"we went to war with the army we had, but without the equipment they needed to protect themselves. That's not strength its incompetence."
"the time has come for a declaration of energy independence. we'll invest in hybrids, biofuels, lightweight materials - it is essential to setting our children free."

11:41 am - Best speech: Gov. Tom Vilsack. Community. Sacrifice. Rights & Responsibility. Here is a link to his speech.


Anonymous Lindsay said...

Hey Frank --

Glad to hear you are participating in the DLC. I too share your concerns about Labor's presence there in Columbus. From my perspective, any discussion about direction, vision, and Democratic leadership in the State of Ohio, must include input directly from Labor.
Since I am in Chicago for the summer, I had the opportunity to witness first hand some of the action at the AFL-CIO conference. My question is this, what do you think is the likely effect of a divided house of labor in the local elections?

12:40 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Glad to hear from you Lindsay. I just wanted to hear what some national Democrats had to say here in Ohio, and wondered if anyone with the DLC would take responsibility for some of the terrible job losses suffered on account of NAFTA. No one did, that I heard.

Labor is playing its traditionally important role at home here. I don't see the shake-up in Chicago changing the politics, this year. As it stands, Mayor Ford has increased his labor support from his previous race. Carty has a hell of alot less support from organized labor than he had when he last ran.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Sepp said...

It makes me wonder how the democrats can call themselves "friends of organized labor" and then turn loose a job killing monster like NAFTA. The biggest surprise is that the unions still endorse the same people that pushed this through. Kinda like asking a condemmed man to tie the knot in his own noose.

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of unions, how's that steamplant thing comming?

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's because the DLC does not get on its knees for Big Labor like other Democrats. Often times, the DLC views labor as presenting more problems than solutions. For example, the DLC strongly supports charter schools. Big Labor does not. The DLC and Clinton were the biggest supporters of NAFTA. Big Labor fought (and still fights) the DLC on free trade. DLC has made a concious effort not to be co-opted by Big Labor. Toledo Democrats (with the exception of Carty) are not supportive of the DLC agenda.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Leave Carty out of this. He's only interested in himself.

9:31 PM  

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