Saturday, June 18, 2005


If you missed the Art Tatum Jazz Festival today, don't make the same mistake on Sunday. What a scene! International jazz acts tearing it up on our riverfront, a happy, boisterous crowd, great food and drinks - including battery-acid-hot spareribs from Po Mo's (hurt so good) - it was a great night in Toledo. I got there in time for our own jazz legend, Jon Hendricks. His work is so unique, with that voice and singing style - a Toledo original that has been embraced and celebrated around the world. Then, history was made with the performance of Ellis Marsalis and his band. Introduced as "the father of jazz," with his son, Jason, on drums, Marsalis tickled the piano for 45 minutes, then signed autographs for an hour! You should have seen the smiles on those faces. Los Calientes Hombres closed out the first night, bringing with them honorary resolutions from the City of New Orleans for Toledo Jazz Society leaders, Jon Richardson, Jeff Jaffe, and Jim Sattler for their contributions to the preservation of jazz. Then they rolled out silky Latin inspired riffs, including a sing-a-long they first performed and recorded in Havana. Sunday brings Rance Allen, and later, the great George Benson. Mayor Jack Ford deserves a lot of credit for his passion for our city and this event, raising $180,000 over a period of about 14 months for the festival. He talked DaimlerChrysler into being a major ($100k) sponsor, and Daimler had a number of 2006 and concept cars on display. Mayor Ford gave both Marsalis and Los Calientes Hombres glass keys to our city. And he enjoyed the music with his family. You simply must get there Sunday or make plans for next year now. It's a Father's Day tradition for my son Lucas and me.
UPDATE ON SUNDAY: Was there in afternoon with Lucas & Wednesday under a warm sun, sandwiching some time between cook-outs. Also hit the very cool car show at Stickney Jeep. There are a lot of new buildings under construction out there. Later, caught the last few songs of George Benson and the show capper, Fred McGriff. The smoke coming from McGriff's B-3 is the kind we need more of in Toledo - great set.


Blogger Tony said...

Not only did the Jazz Fest captivate Toledoans...but Toledo's own Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps. and their annual All Star Review. The review included 6 of the top Corps in the Country. The Glassmen should make all Toledoans so proud. Members spend 3 months of hard, intense rehearsals; all the while traveling the country and only having a single bus seat to call home. Myself, Joy, and many of my friends from high school gathered along with 5,000 others to witness this great show. Between it and the Jazz Fest...Toledo is truly a palce to gp to get involved in the all forms.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Wes said...

I second the comment about the Glassmen. I used to write brass books for drum and bugle corps (Cincinnati Glory, Marion Cadets), and those kids work insanely hard for three months all for 10 minutes of show. If you haven't seen drum corps, you're missing out.


1:13 AM  
Anonymous Sepp said...

Thanks Frank. A good councilman would have reminded me that the fest was going on!

4:26 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

As a loyal contributor, Sepp, I take that as a compliment as I did previously promote the Jazz Festival on the blog in an entry May 16.

7:23 AM  

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