Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coingate Nationwide

National on-line threads on the Noe saga...

Jerome Armstrong at has some good analysis.

Over at DailyKos some good people did some fine research on following the money. Kaczala, Petro, Lanzinger, Voinovich...uh-oh.

Get up to the minute reports from the blogosphere at and news reports as it happens with Google Alerts


Blogger Dan said...

Very nice links,

Way to link with hip sites Frank. I only wish sites would talk about Noe being a resident of Waterville, (or is it Florida?) NOT Toledo.

I am glad to see some Republicans trying to return the money. Very noble. When will the local Republicans evolve their integrity and do the same?

It pains me though knowing that many election outcomes were influenced by Noe's pirated booty. Nice to give back, but the damage is done. I pray that in future state an local elections, citizens of Toledo and Ohio will vote out those who chose to associate with and benefit from criminals.

I am saddened though by Voinovich's plight... I am a lifelong Democrat, but was impressed by Voinovich's courage during the UN/Bolton hearings. The Coingate calamity is surely one more nail in his coffin that his own party started building the moment he (GASP!) questioned The President's agenda.

Noe Narcicissim give Dems opportunities that need to be claimed. Time for NW Ohio to become a leader and end that internal squabbling between Dems A, B or otherwise. Lead away Frank.

Progressive Dems have just been given a shot in the arm as republicans flail to rid themselves of Noe's tainted treasure.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Sepp said...

Here, now you can see who gave how much to whom. Or, at least who actually declared what they gave.

7:57 AM  

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