Friday, May 27, 2005

Who can we trust?

On April 4th I raised questions about Tom Noe using state money to invest in run-down central city real estate. Revisit the story here at Who can we trust to investigate this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this money ties in with HUD--then have the Feds investigate in this matter or better yet get US Rep. Marcy Kaptur to lead the investigation with her connections in DC. The federal government are the ones who are responsible for transferring the funding to the state when it comes to grants and projects. I wonder how many of these houses that Mr. Noe is involved in are in run-down conditions and vacant. These money should be tranferred to the CDC(s) or to the Housing Development that has expertise in this type of work.

I find it amazing in how Tom Noe is involved in this. That's like putting Spongebob Squarepants in charge of the Toledo Police Department to be tough on crime.

Remember this quote: "Enough is ENOUGH!"

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