Saturday, May 21, 2005

State Dinner

COLUMBUS --- Democrats from across Ohio surround me as I sit here at the table at the state dinner. Gov. Rendell (PA) just got introduced. I've been coming to these for years and have never sensed greater urgency or optimism in the room. We can do this in 2006.

06 candidates with a strong presence are Rep. Ted Strickland and Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman. Redfern has a lot of people wearing his pins, too.

Toledoan Rex Shanahan sang the National Anthem, and he and his wife Karen are sitting at the table along with Steve Steel and his wife. Marcy is here too, with a few staffers. She and State Sen. Fedor sponsored tables too.

Rendell is still speaking...the thrust of his comments are encouraging us to be proud Democrats. To fight for what we believe in. Not to be timid, and to stick to our guns. "The greatest thing we can do is serve others, to give others opportunities." He's right.

A number of friends from across the state are counting on us to return to our strong, unified tradition in Lucas County. Its a very important county in statewide elections. I assured them that the split will fizzle with old Carty. The folks here roll their eyes and wish us good luck. We'll take care of it, I reply.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Frank:
What is the state of the school funding issue within Democratic circles? It seems that many Republicans around the state could be vulnerable on this issue. Every parent, taxpayer, teacher who is frustrated by continually failing school levy initiatives could be motivated to drive the do-nothing Republicans out of office. That, plus the simple fact that complying with the State Constitution is the right legal and moral thing to do. But - here is the kicker - no one seems to know what the fix is. Exactly what is the Democratic plan to fix our school funding issue?

10:38 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

I agree with the last post. Republicans have been the majority party in form and function in Ohio since about 1990. School funding was declared, by our courts, unconstitutional several times during their reign, the last in 2003 when Justice Lundburg-Stratton stated: "The duty now lies with the General Assembly to remedy an educational system that has been found ... still to be unconstitutional,"

Why cannot a majority of Republicans offer and pass legislation to fix our school funding problems? We love our kids, and want the best for them, Republicans need to own this problem, and we need to help them do so.

Yes, Lucas County needs to lead the Democratic Party in a show of unity. Absolutely, Carty et al need to drift off into further obscurity to let you and other progressive leaders do what is right for our community, our state, and our party. The “rifts” must end or we will find ourselves on a raft, selling our Party’s influence down the river.

Democrats absolutely need to stop being timid. I rather enjoy telling people I am a Democrat in opposition to their arrogant and cock-sure ways that come from cues of the almighty "W." You cannot convert the crusaders, but you can confront the callous and crude with real class, compassion, and character so often lacking in leaders of the Republican Party. Darn right its time fight a good fight and stop apologizing for our values and beliefs! The Republican strategy of intimidating and degrading can stop right here in Ohio, in Lucas County, in Toledo.

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Sepp said...

I doubt that it's a problem of the democrats being timid. The party should probably get back to it's roots and be the proud party it once was. All kinds of fringe groups jumped on the democrat train and slowly became the engine and have done more to turn people away than jump aboard. You get judged by the company you keep. Ditch the bozos and people will come back.

8:41 AM  

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