Monday, May 02, 2005

Return from Vacation

Took my wife Wednesday and son Lucas out of town for almost 10 days. No posts for a bit, but got some great R & R. Lucas really enjoyed the sand at the beach and 70 plus degree weather, I had a chance to kayak alongside dolphins, and later, cruise Class I & II rapids, and Wednesday finished some books. We both simply reveled in spending time with our son.

Back at work today - got updates on OI, Southwyck, and some staff changes. Caught up on local news the past 10 days, too. What a whirlwind! Tonight I joined 500 activists from about two dozen churches across Toledo at an annual meeting of Toledoans USA, United for Social Action. (click here for a report from Clyde Hughes at Heard from Mayor Ford and Commissioners Skeldon-Wozniak and Gerken on progress on jobs programs, crime fighting and nuisance abatement. A choir led things off with beautiful and inspiring renditions of "My Country Tis of Thee" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" - a great way to jump back into public service.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. What's the latest on OI and Southwyck that you mentioned in your blog? As a concern citizen of Toledo as I love this city I know Toledo has a lot potential in keeping businesses here, neighborhoods safe, and bring jobs here. We have to keep supporting our small businesses to keep the market growing (e.g. growing downtown restaurants, clubs, and retail)--the key to growth is to build new housing whether its lofts, single-family homes, apts., condos, or multi-homes to increase population in Toledo. Once you do that you have to improve the local amentities, fire/police services, schools, and lower the tax burden in order to make it attractive for homebuyers or renters to move in and also for businesses to move in. This is the true basic fundamental steps of process to make your city grow.

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