Monday, May 16, 2005

The City Today

Started the day answering emails and phone calls - and feeling pretty good after Wednesday & I attended the Springsteen show in Cleveland Sunday night. Highlights included "Stolen Car" "Wreck on the Highway" "Matamoros Banks" and "Dream Baby Dream". The CSU arena is about five blocks from Jacobs Field & Gund Arena - we parked in between and ate at the Juniper Grille. Good food at a reasonable price.

At 10 this morning I attended the funeral for Sgt. Andy Eckert down Glendale at Calvary. I joined hundreds to salute his bravery and sense of service, and found my heart breaking for his wife and young children.

At noon I tried a new downtown restaurant (more jobs) and later went to the beginning of the Toledo Public Schools Character Counts awards ceremony at the Crystal Ellis Center on Upton. Worked all afternoon.

At 5 today I went to the East Side for a press conference on the 2005 International Art Tatum Jazz Festival. Its just not right for people to accuse Mayor Ford of not getting things done...the 05 festival is being underwritten by a $100,000 gift from DaimlerChrylser to the Toledo Jazz Society brokered by Ford - who doubled what he brokered last year for the event! And the result: we've got George Benson, Elis Marsalis, and the legendary McGriff along with a line-up that rivals any jazz event anywhere.

Tonight I briefly considered the WTOL poll on the Mayor's race: Carty & the Kest Gang won't wait much longer. The TV ratings period ends in late May. Point Place and Old West End parades and festivals the first weekend in June. Not that anyone should believe a word Finkbeiner says about hedging on the race...he and two female campaign aides have been working events for weeks. The Teamsters Hall was a busy beehive of activity Saturday morning. Finkbeiner should have got kicked out of the Blockwatch Appreciation Dinner (no politics at Blockwatch is a longstanding rule - not that Carty pays any respect) after he tried to shake every hand and his aide tried signing people up on a campaign volunteer form. "Hi, I'm Carty Finkbeiner, sign up for my campaign, but don't say anything because I'm still being paid to be on TV and promote myself." Crass, dishonest & desperate. If Toledo wants more of the folks that let Ray Kest get away with everything, they'll have that chance when Carty & the Kest Gang come out of the closet. And who needs a poll to predict that result?


Anonymous Sepp said...

Why not save yourself the trip to Cleveland, provide a cash transfusion to the city, come out looking like "the man" by bringing a headliner like Springsteen to play at 5/3 field? Easy money for the city.
I took a look at the WTOL poll too. It looks like bunk to me and an attempt by WTOL to get Carty to quit playing and just make the announcment.
The "Carty and Kest gang"??? Maybe a Carty gang but Kest? C'mon man! Ray has been vanquished and exiled and any "gangmembers" he may have had aren't really anthing but activists or as the local calls them "operatives". Carty's gang is the threat to the other democrat faction. Why those guys still fear Ray Kest is a joke since he'll never have a "second comming" in this lifetime.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You had to go to Cleveland to see the Bruce Springsteen concert--how fun. Now wouldn't you think if Toledo would've build a state-of-the-art arena and we wouldn't be driving out of the region to spend money to see concerts? Case in point: Westfield Franklin Park has managed to bring in stores that we've longed for and been driving to Detroit or Columbus as we spend money outside of our region. Kudos to the success of the mall and I hope they continue bringing in popular stores and restaurants. I was so impressed that I now don't have to travel out of the region or go online to shop at stores that I like.

Now apply that to the arena project--look at what Westfield did and use that formula with the arena. Build it to the standards and meet the big name star's criteria so they would bring their concerts to Toledo. I sent my parents to Chicago to see Bette Midler, I went to Cleveland to see Sarah MacLachlan, and Madonna in Detroit--think of all that money that we could've spent right here in Toledo if we had the facility for it.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

We tried getting Bob Dylan in to 5/3rd Field last year. At the suggestion on a colleague and I, a Mud Hens staffer called Dylan's promoter - who was willing to book it for Toledo - but the dates conflicted with a home stand. Dylan did a tour of minor league ballparks last year with Willie Nelson.

As far as the Kest gang goes - I don't necessarily expect a 2nd coming, although with Carty, John Irish, Domenic Montalto, Dennis Duffey & Bill Lichtenwald attempting to run Toledo - why wouldn't Ray be welcomed back? Carty & Irish have promised jobs to so many people already, why be surprised?

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Sepp said...

I wasn't going to mention John and Dom by name but they were the guys I was thinking of. Ray wouldn't be welcome back because his name is synonymous with bad press. Carty's faction parading Ray around would be political suicide and even Carty could recognize that. Besides, without a county car or a designated driver, I can't see Ray making the drive up from Florida;-)

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan? Are you serious? The Geriatric crowd might show up if they're not busy babysitting the grandkids.

Think BIG. That's what you're paid to do.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Don't mess with Dylan, man.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank -- like the site. Keep it up.

I beg to differ, however, on Dylan. He played at UT about 10 years ago. It was, without a doubt, the worst concert I've ever been to. You could not understand a single lyric and, even the songs you already knew, were only half-heartedly performed. I think he's been on cruise control since 1969. His cd's are solid -- especially the old work -- but his live performances need some work.

12:43 PM  
Blogger ttown said...

The city is going down. Jazz fest fine but what about the streets. Jobs lost even Ladyfield scholl closed. So many have left the city athat even private schools are failing. Ford is the worst mayor I have experienced. the council is not much better. There are 12 but they seem less active and involved than when it was 8. They are playing too much politics and forgetting the job they were elected to do,

11:50 AM  

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