Friday, April 22, 2005

Winning for Toledo

Today's announcement of the new Democratic PAC is great news for Toledo, for Democrats, and for the future. My criticism of Carty & the Kest gang stems from their division of the local party at a time when Democrats and organized labor should be united for 2006 - the Ohio Poll released today indicates that Republican Governor Bob Taft's disapproval rating is the highest since 1981 (when the Ohio Poll started.)

Click here for the latest polling has a preview. on the new local PAC.

Much more on all this later...


Blogger Jeff H of Temperance said...

Hi Frank, First try at this so here it goes.
I think your head is in the sand if you think Ludeman is helping Mayor Ford's cause. Rob Ludeman is a centrist Republican that can energize GOP voters an entice Dems who are not enthusiastic about the Ford administration. I think there is a lot of apathy towards Mayor Ford in the democratic ranks. I think Carty sees it and is trying to exploit it. Ludeman can be seen as an alternative to the obsessive an gradiosing Carty. I think Carty helps Ludeman.
Mayor Ford's biggest problem is he does not tell his story very well. He has navigated this city through some very tough times without massive layoffs, major cuts, or tax increases. Nobody knows this. Crime is not running amok, Home prices in Toledo is on the rise, and our lake is getting cleaner and has become a viable economic player in our community. Mayor Ford does not tell this story well. All we hear is the roads have gone to hell.
This is my two cents Frank, keep up the good work, Jeff

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