Thursday, April 14, 2005

Why I'm Hot

Last night the local GOP raised a ton of money and heard from three gubernatorial candidates. Republicans should be very pleased with the desperate work of Carty & the Kest gang. As Ohio's economy, education and health care system are all in crisis, Carty & the Kest gang couldn't care less. Theirs is a venal pursuit of power. They'll fail, and the activists who fight for Democratic principles at all levels, year in year out, will have to pick up the pieces for next years Governor's race, Secretary of State's & Auditor's race, the race for Senate, and to retake the Ohio General Assembly.

There are good people mixed up with Carty & the Kest gang, and I'm furious with them for hurting the cause of electing Democrats. Makes you wonder if some of them aren't working with the GOP. Carty himself is a former Republican who will be held accountable for his pathetic lack of support for statewide Democratic candidates in 1994 & 1998. Most of his advisors are Republicans or have a rich history of generously supporting the GOP. (see story here)

If you buy into their humbug on sanctions for those of us on council who didnt join the Republicans and vote for the party's screening and executive committee's recommendation for the council vacancy, then when will the central committee members who voted against the endorsed Democrat for Treasurer be sanctioned? It doesn't matter because all their baloney is nothing more than an attempt for Carty & the Kest gang to move from the 5th floor to the 22nd.

This next item is more amusing than infuriating: Fritz Wenzel over at confirms the Noe TV show rumor, expect it on FOX 36. Any suggestions for what it should be called?

Despite all this, elected Democrats are working together to move our city and county forward & creating jobs, as the steamplant is only the latest example. My campaign is busy organizing for this year and the future. And I've got a lot of friends doing the same thing. We won't give up the ship.


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