Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tale of Two Candidates

Howard Dean and Joe Lieberman bookend the spectrum of Democratic politics. Their candidacies came to embody the disaffected liberal, anti-war, reform spirit and the quintessential Third Way, centrist, DLC-view of the world. Lieberman was Bill Clinton without the smooth southern delivery & sex appeal. Dean - the internet comet with whiskey courage - taking it to Bush early and with gusto.

The Pew Research Center has just released a detailed survey of Deaniacs, and pays particular attention to their sustained impact on politics and their grudgingly loyal but critical allegiance the Democratic Party.

In the interest of full disclosure, although I was attracted to the spirited former Governor of Vermont for his ambitious and colorful critiques of Bush (went to an early houseparty and made a contribution) - my impression was that he didnt have much chance against heavyweights like Gephardt, Kerry or that he could even attract the mainstream appeal of a candidate like Gen. Wesley Clark. So I decided to keep relatively clear of the primary and help organize Ohio for the real battle come fall - and, as a favor to Craig Smith, whom I worked for way back in the 92 and 96 races, agreed to help Joe Lieberman find delegates in Ohio. (Disagreed with hawkish position on Iraq, though conceded that he was the duly elected Vice President of the United States in 2000, but would probably be out of the 04 race by the Ohio primary. He was.)

What a difference a couple years make. Dean sits atop the DNC and Lieberman is a top target of the liberal blogosphere. Got this from Dean in my inbox today - and I wonder why Ohio isn't a higher priority for the new Chairman.

"Dear Frank:

Every four years, a few months before the presidential election, the Democratic Party puts staff and resources on the ground in a few battleground states ... and then they're gone. After November the whole operation disappears.

Then, four years later, we do the same thing all over again.

That hasn't worked. And I ran for chairman on a promise to do it another way.

So a few days ago I met with the state party chairs, and we made a decision together. For the first time ever we're going to build for the future by putting staff and resources on the ground early -- starting in 2005, not 2008. The first four states: North Dakota, Missouri, North Carolina and West Virginia.

How soon the next 46 states get moving depends on you -- can you make a contribution now?

You mandated a party built from the ground up, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

The half-million dollars we're investing in these first four states will pay for professional organizers -- the key staff who will develop skills and help build a permanent network of Democrats at the grassroots level.

But we cannot stop here. It's your party, and it will only grow with your help."


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Hopefully, Everyone is familiar with the Denny White's Field Program for 2005 that has been in place since January! If not check out for more info!

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