Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Picking Up Steam

Great work by Ford's Economic Development team, Bill Carroll, former Dana executive, and Robert Gilcrest, a young man with with solid corporate experience, on the Steamplant project. Council heard yesterday from Dave Ball, a well known downtown building owner and businessman and partner in the project with Jimmy Jackson. We also heard from Dana Noel, from the general contractor, Jera, that Ball & Jackson selected. Mayor Ford is well justified in offering $300,000 from our capital improvements budget to achieve a $19 million riverfront investment. The development agreement we'll vote on includes a June '05 start date for construction.

I understand skepticism about the project, after all, then Mayor Finkbeiner led City Council to spend $1.85 million on failure. A mistake of commission, I'm sure. Would be nice to call that out of state developer and get our money back. Or better, maybe WTVG 13 ABC could dock Carty's pay for his failure (he did that all the time to his city employees.)

My colleague Phil Copeland and I are leading the charge to insist that as much of that construction work as possible get done by local labor and with minority contracting goals in mind. Mayor Ford is as solid a supporter of local labor as we are. We want the jobs to go to people in Toledo. covers yesterdays great exchange with City Council and the Mayor. We have a council committee hearing Monday afternoon at 4:00pm.


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Aaron said...

In the Blade article the Mayor is quoted about Ludeman 'bitching about 300k'. This attitude really turns me off to the mayor.

With the tight budget, serious amounts of money should always be scrutinized and understood before a vote on whether to spend it.

As far as 1.85 million wasted... I work downtown, and walk past the steam plant almost daily. The structure was in serious dilapidation, and the money spent thus far was to stabilize it and demolish part of it. That work was a great improvement to the property and I don't see how anyone could consider it wasted.

I'm for development of the property, but it should be an objective, open, and fair process. I'm hearing a lot of misleading statements being thrown about by all parties involved.

Let the development plans speak for themselves and keep the politics out of the equation (sheah, like that would ever happen)

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