Monday, April 11, 2005

Ford Kickoff A Blast

Saturday afternoon at Ford HQ was a treat. A crowd of hundreds who we've worked with over the years in Democratic politics, preparing to make our optimistic case for the future. Mayor Ford spoke of jobs created & maintained, expanding access to health care, the city's commitment to public safety and quality services, and his faith in us that we'd stand strong and keep him in a position to do more good works for Toledo. He also touted his 100% voting record for labor as Democratic Leader in the Ohio House.

Noone should be afraid of a contest of ideas - yet Carty & the Kest gang continue to dodge & weave, even sending a mole into the crowd at the Ford kickoff. (note to Irish: Gary isn't subtle)

And yet, Finkbeiner continues to get outed, this time in the front page Blade article on the mayor's race. His charade on WTVG 13 ABC continues to provide him a campaign platform. This weekend he played gracious, forgiving host to GOP fatcat Tom Noe.

(note to 13: all a campaign needs to be doing at this point is quietly raising money & securing commitments, and behind the scenes organizing - why not send the I-Team to the Teamsters some Saturday morning and cover your employee's mayoral campaign? His announcement can certainly wait until the first weekend in June, just in time for the festival season.)