Sunday, March 13, 2005

Adding a Multimedia Edge

If we are going to win elections and successfully govern, Democrats need to find ways to deliver message past the GOP voices within the Clear Channel, Sinclair and FoxNews Broadcasting empires (as well as past the local cartyformayor show, despite carty's wish to be crowned Emperor)

To that end, innovators are building online multimedia tools to mobilize and inform activists: is part news, part funny game show, and all progressive content. Download a Windows MediaPlayer if the show doesnt go on.

Air America Radio and Workers Indepedent News (WIN) are two great audio feeds.

Reality Check - America Works! is a series of 2004 news programs that looks at issues from the perspective of working families, and is an innovative production of UAW Region 2-B.

Check back soon for more pathbreaking progressive multimedia


Blogger Paul said...

It's great that Air America is growing ... but we need to get them into more than two cities in Ohio. We need, at a minimum:


And I'm sure I forgot some off the top of my head. One of our projects, down the road, will be to contact radio station owners around the state and to encourage them to carry AAR.

Bring Ohio Home

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