Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Urgent Public Safety Upgrade

Link to an article published on about our city council hearing on the $30 million upgrade of emergency radio communications. The 9/11 Commission Report cited a failure of adequate radio communications between First Responders on that sacred day. Our local system is years past its shelf life (I'll be posting a report shortly with those details.)

Toledo Fire Cheif Mike Bell has been pressing for "interoperability" across the county for 14 years. Shortly after taking office in 2003 I asked my colleagues to increase and expedite funding within our Capital Improvements Budget.

With jurisdictions within Lucas County working together on Homeland Security, timely federal HS grants, and a consensus that we owe our First Responders the ability to communicate in any kind of emergency without fail - $12.9 million has been identified and recently committed for an initial $15 million phase.


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