Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Szollosi's Biography

I was born in Toledo, June 4, 1972 to Francis Jr. and Emma Szollosi - and I have a younger brother, Matt. My wife Wednesday and I were married in March 1994 and have a young son, Lucas.

I graduated from Clay High School in 1990, and traveled to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah - majoring in Political Science. I spent one year at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. before returning to Utah and graduating in 1994.

For the past 10 years I have worked in public service and as a consultant - in a wide variety of roles:

White House Internship (Office of Political Affairs)
Campaign Manager for Cincinnati City Council Race (Longabaugh '95)
Clinton-Gore Media Team (Squier Knapp Ochs Communications '96)
Campaign Manager for Toledo Mayor (Finkbeiner '97)
Administrator for the City of Toledo Parks & Rec. Dept.
Field Director for Congressional Race (Rothman, NJ-9 '98)
Public Information Officer (Lucas County, Ohio)
Ohio Democratic Coordinated Campaign NW Field Staff ('00)
Congressional Press Secretary (Kaptur, OH-9)
General Consultant for Lucas County, OH Commissioner (Isenberg '02)
General Consultant for Lucas County, OH Commissioner (Skeldon Wozniak '04)
Member of 2004 DNC Platform Committee
Ohio Democratic Party Executive Committee

In January 2003 I was appointed as an At-large member of Toledo City Council, and was elected in a special election in November with roughly 28,500 votes. I plan to seek re-election in 2005 and continue offering communications and consulting services.

My love of public service is inherited. My grandfather, Fritz, earned a Purple Heart in the Navy during WWII, came home to Toledo and rose to Postmaster and then Lucas County Commissioner from 1976 through 1984. My parents both served on Oregon City Council - a Toledo suburb - and my brother Matt has served on Oregon Council since 1999.

Although raised in East Toledo, in the historic Hungarian neighborhood - Birmingham - my family and I now live in South Toledo, along Swan Creek Preserve Metropark. My wife - who I met in Utah, but who was raised in Colorado and Maryland - is an attorney for an area labor law firm. A few years back I joined a national writers union. We attend both St. Stephen and St. Patricks churches here in Toledo. My parents, now divorced, are both public school educators - my mom has been a principal for several years.


Blogger Move The Crowd said...

Wow! You might be the first politician in Toledo history to be totally over qualified for your office.

Keep the Faith in 05

Out of curiousity, is smart growth a part of your platform this year?

What is your opinion on the recent closing of Thackery's books?

What are some solutions for small businesses like Thackery's who are forced to compete with "mega stores".

Those the toledo government have aid programs for such businesses?


6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Concerned Catholic said...

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Blogger Omar Chaudhary said...

It's good to see someone who left Ohio for school and then returned to enter public service - a true example of "brain gain" (or at least "brain maintain")! I've also studied elsewhere, but hopefully I'll also be able to return some day...

9:13 PM  
Blogger Kesmarn said...

As a fellow Hungarian-American/Toledoan, I must say I've been proud of the public stands that you've taken on important issues--especially the war in Iraq, a true moral tragedy. Please hang in there. You, Pete Gerken and Wade K are the hope for Toledo's future. I, too, went away to college and returned to Toledo. It's a weird little town, but somehow you fall in love with it! For better or worse...!

10:23 AM  

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