Monday, February 21, 2005

open thread: "The Party"

Post a comment with your take on what local Dems need to do next.


Blogger Frank said...

copy of an earlier post I thought was right-on...

"demos said...

The divisions in the county party probably didn't effect the outcome of any particular race in 2004 but if it continues it will have terrible consequenses for Democrats in '05 and '06, particularly for the '06 County Commissioners race. There is a solution. Congresswoman Kaptur should take the lead in finding a new county chair. As the de facto leader of the county Democrats she could work to find a young technocrat who can:
1- unite the party-- a younger operative will not have the same baggage and factionalism as the older operatives in-county.
2- increase fundraising potential- a Kaptur protege would be able to bring in out of county and out of state financial support.
3- harness technology-- build a dynamic website, expand our email lists and most importantly build and maintain an effective voter file.
I hope something like this will happen. I managed Lucas County for John Kerry and the Ohio Coordinated in 2004; I know that there are hardworking and caring Democrats on both sides of this heartbreaking rift. Given the right leadership I think the split can hopefully be largely healed."

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Blogger Frank said...

WNWO story on Isenberg's departure and Carty's run

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Anonymous Jorden said...

the democrats need to stand up and be assertive. We need to voice a solid opinion not only here in toledo but all over the country. We need to be as extreme of liberals and proud of it as the republicans are. We need to fight to be the best.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Peahippo said...

What to do? Sheesh, how about stop playing the bullet-proof local party machine and recognize that you're just going to be killed economically. Toledo's decrepit state more than emphasizes that point; the Republicans in Columbus and Washington DC have more than enough power to lay waste to what little financial clout Toledoans have.

So, stop handing out tax abatements. It's not just the loss of government income; the real problem is in the loss of taxing authority. Since things like abatements and sponsored funding are simply welfare, you have to understand that welfare is as morally perilous to the wealthy as it is to the poor. Welfare creates a dependency upon public subsidy.

To illustrate this dependency, I still remember the Blade article from about 2 years ago where some developer was rebuffed by the city council for some abatement application he made for a business or apartment complex he was planning. What stuck strongly in my mind was his quote after being rejected: "Why are [the city councilmen] standing in the way of this project?" Note that no one is standing in the way of the man spending his own (and his investors') money to get the buildings built or refurbished. But he was locked into the welfare mindset.

The welfare mindset is a terrible burden upon social operation in Toledo. I said above that the Republicans can essentially bankrupt Toledo. They can do this primarily with your assistance, by getting you dependent upon a stream of subsidies from the federal and state governments, and then pull that funding at any time for any reason, leaving you gasping with commitments. Those commitments will either have to be broken, or they'll lead you to perform the favorite Toledo-politican act of raising taxes and fees to cover it.

Living the life of the credit card is immature and foolish. Toledoans should recognize that the city is effectively living off of credit. And credit is for poor people. Credit is making us poorer each year.

So, the Democrats should stop pretending they can legislate, tax (individuals) and abate (corporations) themselves out of Toledo's economic ennui. You cannot tax yourself into prosperity. Because it really IS about the economy, stupid, and if we don't take on the challenge to fix Toledo's dependencies upon highly unstable subsidies, then we are looking at becoming the next Detroit.

Will fiscal sense return to the city politicians? For that matter, will the public see that the next mayoral election choice of "J-Fo or Crazy-Carty" is actually no choice at all? We need to elect and retain officials who acknowledge that when your income declines, YOU MUST DECLINE YOUR SPENDING.

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