Sunday, February 20, 2005

Free Tax Help = Money For You

People who work for a living in Toledo can feel it. As wages have stagnated, the tax burden for lower and middle income folks has risen. Our progressive tax system in Ohio erodes yearly as corporations and the wealthy see their tax burden shrink - shifting the burden onto the rest of us.

And the rub...too many lower and middle income taxpayers are not getting the full credit and tax refunds we legally deserve - robbing our local economy of an influx of money.

With the 2005 tax season underway, the City of Toledo and the Economic Opportunity Coalition are teaming up once again for VITA - the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program. The cornerstone goal is to offer free, fast and electronic income tax filing - insuring people who qualify take the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Even if you don't owe income tax, you can get the credit and cash.
Does your family earn up to $31,338 with one child? You may get up to $2,604 back.
Does your family earn up to $35,458 with more than one child? You could get as much as $4,300 back.
If your between ages 25 and 64, without children, and earning up to $12,490, you could get up to $390 back.

The IRS and City of Toledo Board of Community Relations, led by Juanita Green, are the catalysts for reaching out to Toledoans.
Download my Winter Newsletter that includes VITA site info
Please forward this message & help people keep their money for their families.


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