Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Coleman for Ohio

Toledo-born Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is announcing his run for Ohio Governor today.

Ohio needs his help. Most of Northern Ohio has never recovered from the '01-'02 Bush recession. Credit Mayor Coleman's leadership for the swiftness of Columbus's rebound. We in Toledo don't have the same strength in the service sector, nor the numerous university and state government jobs that have boosted our state capital.

When I was born, Ohio's state and local tax burden ranked 44th out of 50 states. Today we carry the 4th heaviest tax burden in the country. Governor Taft and the GOP dominated legislature have not only authored and passed the biggest tax increases in Ohio history - they and their President have engineered a shifting of the that increased tax burden on to low and middle income Ohioans, slashing taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

Our system of higher education needs dramatic reform - tuition has skyrocketed under Ohio Republicans. Health care has only belatedly earned their attention. And what has over a decade of one party rule brought us? State financial scandals that have humbled GOP leaders in the Ohio House and Senate and forced the GOP State Treasurer to resign. And a fiscal crunch that is forcing legislators to consider draconian cuts, such as to the Local Government Fund which among others things put police, fire and rescue on our streets every day and keeps our public libraries open.

I have a lot of respect for Mike Coleman, and his parents back home here in Toledo. Anyone who seeks to become the first Ohio non-judicial statewide elected Democrat in over 10 years has courage, vision, and a burning desire to rescue our state from its downward spiral.

Look for Mayor Coleman to kick off his campaign here in Toledo sometime in the next few weeks. I'll be there to support him.


Blogger JohnnyPie said...

Finally, a credible Democrat running for Governor. Hopefully Jerry Springer will stick with the Cincy Radio show for a couple of years and run for the Senate instead of Governor. Toledo needs somebody with ties to the Glass City in a position of power. I think Michael Coleman will have a great shot at finally taking back at least one seat from the GOP.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

And he's got great timing...announcing on the day the Columbus smoking ban goes into effect. He can take it statewide.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Wes said...

With Strickland out (though I'd love to see him run for Senate), Coleman is in my estimation the best choice (I'd heard good things about Plusquellic of Akron as well). I'd have had a hard time deciding between Coleman and Strickland; this just made it easier!

Are any statewide officeholders from Toledo?

I always thought your city was better than the prevailing viewpoint of it; I'd worked with Steve Scharren of Scharren Studios on some projects, and enjoyed my time in the Glass City immensely.


12:10 PM  
Blogger Move The Crowd said...

I don't know about this one Frank. On a statewide scale, it seems that Republicans are doing a good job of cleaning up after themselves.

Really, I'm only speaking to the work that K. Blackwell has been doing lately to curb state spending and taxing.

check the blog for details.

I haven't heard a peep from the other two Republican candidates let alone interested Dems for that matter.

I listened to Mayor Coleman on WSPD and wasn't too impressed with the guy. When Bob Franz asked him what his solutions were to solve the problems the state of Ohio has, he avoided the discussion....in fact he literally said, "I don't now."

Not a good foot to start on my friend.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Republicans have done a great job creating the problems we are confronted with in this state. And please don't waste your time blaming Democrats-- it is the Republicans who are in total control. Huge growth in the budget with few priorities. Tax rates among the highest in the nation across the board. And zero economic growth. Ken Blackwell's suggestion to limit growth and taxes through constitutional amendments is a hoot. He knows the legislature must deal with this issue through responsible governance. Not trickery. Let's face it... Republicans care more about what's going on in your bedroom than in your wallet.

I will take Mike Coleman and his zest for progressive economic policy, controlled growth, and low taxes. Beats the alternative, any day of the week. Especially when we use the last TEN years as the lithmus test!

10:14 PM  
Blogger Move The Crowd said...

lets try to move this conversation from the whole red/blue civil rivalry the rest of the country seems to be enjoying lately.

lets stick to campaign fundementals like Olympic basketball players(..no frills...no dunks...just bounce pass-shoot-dribble-dribble-lay up).

when we are discussing political fundamentals in a campaign the FIRST thing a candidate has is HIS/HER MESSAGE.

i know frank would agree with me on this. Getting out the MESSAGE is text book, 1st grade political strategy.

if you don't have a message, than I'd be forced to assume you as a candidate are looking to garner support based or your good looks, money,....politcal status maybe.

Maybe Coleman has all these latter attributes. What he DOESN'T have right now is a Clear Message. Playing the same Blame Game that Republicans and other Conservative Zealots are playing won't work in 06.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clear message? He's been in the race for 21 hours. Lots of time for message building. Mike Coleman has to go out and have a conversation with Ohioans. That will help frame the message that is forthcoming.

10:18 AM  
Blogger harriet said...

I hope that one of the first concern Michael Coleman addresses is building new energy for MainStreet issues. Jack Ford was onto something when he brought Richard Florida to Toledo. Bright, creative people will choose to move to areas that welcome their investment of talent time and innovation. Jeep keeps jobs for blue collar workers who are here already. It's an important piece of the pie. What Jeep can't do is to attract bright new people. I've seen what innovative policies can do for towns that were once considered flat liners. Troy, New York, a flat liner if there ever was one, is currently blooming because state government, city officials, and institutions of higher learning worked collaboratively to rebuild it. Surely an energetic city government and a sympathetic governor's office could do as well in Toledo.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Harriet, I agree RIchard Florida was good for civic leaders to listen to...but I disagree with your assessment of Toledo Jeep. The three largest spenders on research and development in the world are the Big 3 automakers. They're headquartered about an hour away. Our heritage in Toledo is innovation in auto components industry and we need to be "more like us". The Dana Tech Center and First Solar are good starts, but we need hybrid engine plants, alternative energy research facilities, and "light" materials manufacturing to come to Toledo. All are high tech, all bring good wages and benefits, and all are much more likely to locate here thanks to the second to none workforce at Toledo Jeep.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Not to mention the emerging tech & training partnering between the University of Toledo, the Medical College, BGSU, and Owens. Plus, just about every federal grant Marcy is working on in Congress brings us closer to attracting new researchers & matching investment to NW Ohio.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the most pressing issue facing Toledo is O-I's anticipated leaving. From what it appears, O-I has no interest in leaving Ohio, but in leaving Toledo. Toledo has done a terrible job of economic development and we need to hold the Mayor and City Council accoutable for it. We need to look no further than the poll in The Blade where high taxes and an anti-business mindset were some of the main reason for O-I's move to Perrysburg. All this talk about raising taxes on the "wealthy" (i.e. small business owners) and corporations will only expedite the exodus from Toledo. If business is apparently great in Perrysburg, then why is so bad only a ten minute drive away?

We can only hope that nobody from O-I reads this blog or we might as well call the movers for them.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

In fact, I hope the 300 or so folks at O-I in Toledo do read this blog. WE WANT YOU TO STAY! We will work with you to redesign your workspace to reflect your cultural changes. We are investing millions in upgrading Toledo Express Airport (owned by the City of Toledo) so you can fly in your clients from around the world. We have extended an $8,000,000 incentive to keep you within the City of Toledo.

We also understand that globalization has unalterably changed the ways corporations do business since you moved into One SeaGate back in 1982. Boeing leaving Seattle is one of many examples. We also understand you pay $13,000,000 to lease downtown and own the property in Perrysburg. If you do leave, go there - not out of the region - for we continue to appreciate your individual and corporate giving to our community.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you pro-life or pro-abortion?

3:15 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

that question sounds like a topic for another post...

3:17 PM  
Blogger christian democrat said...

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3:43 PM  
Blogger harriet said...

Oooh Nice new comment page! I like it.

Actually Frank, we are more in agreement than you realize. I'm not disparaging Jeep at all, and I agree that we need to be more like the best of ourselves. I dearly hope that Jeep is working on cars that are designed for alternative energy, alternative energy research facilities, and "light" materials manufacturing. Not only are they the future of automotives but they are also going to be the things that get us off the middle east oil tit.

My point is that we shouldn't just be aiming at mega businesses. We also need to breed and feed innvotative small businesses. They could even be businesses that support Jeep.

I'd also like to see one of those old plant brownfields with an extant factory building developed as into a labor union museum, since that's also who we are. As I recall, that was one of Florida's points. Seems like we were both listening.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Michael Veh said...

Since we're drifting to the topic of Jeep (I'll get us back on topic in a second) the important part to remember is that those vehicles are not designed here -- they are assembled here. The Jeep expansion will mean that more of the parts will be manufactured here but the design aspect is still done elsewhere. You are right Frank that Toledo needs investment in new automotive-related technologies but it won't happen until the auto industry sees a positive return on investment here in Toledo. There is no reason not to go somewhere else if you are going to create something new. Unless we can give them a reason to come here -- quality infrastructure, highly trained and skilled workforce, affordable energy supplies, etc. -- the big three are going to continue taking their R&D elsewhere.

This is not just Toledo's problem -- the whole state suffers from these challenges. While I do not yet know enough about Coleman to support him, I do agree that it's nice to see a qualified candidate entering the field this early. The Republicans are setting up an ugly primary fight and if the Democrats can field a few respectable candidates (or settle on one early) then we might be able to move a fresh thinker into the Governor's Mansion. (See? I told you I'd get us back on topic!)

11:15 PM  

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